Lately, I’ve really been trying to find the little joys in life. My link up like Happies and Crappies really helps me do that. I think it’s important to focus on the good things in life and really love the life that you’re living.

Things that give me joy:

Leaving sweet notes for my husband in his lunch and saying “I love you” all throughout the day via phone/text

Making food for people. There’s something so good about putting a plate of food in front of someone and watching them tell you “It’s so amazing!” It makes me feel good. This is my latest creation- SkinnyTaste pork chops and a green bean/onion mix that I saw on The Chew.

Decorating my classroom. It’s a heck of a lot of work, and I’ve been at the school about 7 days or so working, but I love seeing the progress and how it’s actually starting to look good.

Snuggling with my little Pearl girl. She may be a brat at times, but dang she’s just so cute!

– Telling everyone it’s my birthday week. It’s so fun to announce and get excited about birthdays. I feel like a little kid every time my birthday rolls around. Plus, I’m totally excited for cupcakes from What About Cupcakes on Thursday when we go to my MIL’s house.

Also, is it sad that I want Mathew to make my birthday extra huge like Marshall did for Lily on HIMYM? (more on that Wednesday…)

Wearing sweaters in July. We got a cold front in yesterday with some (ok a lot) of rain. It’s supposed to keep raining all week and have nice, cool weather and honestly I’m loving it. I got to wear a sweater to church yesterday which is TOTALLY unheard of in July in Texas. I mean- I don’t even wear jeans during the summer because it’s THAT hot. I should’ve taken a picture for proof.

 Holding cute babies. I think it’s the fact that we’ve been married a year and a half that makes me enjoy holding cute babies. It makes me wonder what ours might look like some day. It’s a fun thought. However, a not fun thought happened to me yesterday when I went to the store and saw a box of diapers for $45. Um, that’s just wrong. Babies need to stop being so expensive.

– Getting phone calls from my parents. It makes my day whenever my parents call me and I haven’t called them first. I miss them and hate that they’re 5 hours away, but it always makes me happy when I get to talk to them. Most of the time, I hate having to hang up! (This picture is of my sweet mom on Mother’s Day with the present I gave her)

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