The Ultimate Father’s Day Guide for the Uncommon Dad

We’re partnering up with our friends from Uncommon Goods for The Ultimate Father’s Day Guide for the Uncommon Dad! We received complimentary products to facilitate the review, but all opinions are our own.

Looking for a unique father's day gift guide for the dad in your life? Check out this ULTIMATE Father's Day guide for the uncommon dad!

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and if you’re any kind of a procrastinator like me, you probably are scrambling to get the last gift or two for the father in your life, whether it’s your dad, step dad, or husband! When it’s time for Father’s Day, I look for uncommon gifts to give Mathew. He’s a quirky guy and enjoys the random things in life, so shopping at Uncommon Goods is a no-brainer for a guy like him. I had Mathew help curate this Ultimate Father’s Day Guide for the Uncommon Dad because who better to help choose the items for this than a dad that’s anything BUT common. Plus, it secretly gave me ideas on what to get him this year- don’t tell him he got the some of these as part of his Father’s Day gifts!

Without further ado, our Ultimate Father’s Day Guide for the Uncommon Dad:

Looking for a unique father's day gift guide for the dad in your life? Check out this ULTIMATE Father's Day guide for the uncommon dad!

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For the totally Jawsome dad: First up on our Ultimate Father’s Day Guide for the Uncommon Dad, are these hilarious Handmade Shark Slippers ($42). When I first saw these I started cracking up. I called Mathew into the room and he proclaimed that he HAD to have them and that he would totally wear them to work every day. Of course, he works from home, but that’s totally beside the point! We couldn’t help but laugh at the x’ed out eyes and the teeth, but in all seriousness, they look SUPER cozy. If you have a dad in your life that just likes being silly or is a total geek, these shark slippers from UncommonGoods are one great conversation piece that will absolutely complete his personality!

Looking for a unique father's day gift guide for the dad in your life? Check out this ULTIMATE Father's Day guide for the uncommon dad!

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For the dad that just loves America: One of Mathew’s personal picks from this Ultimate Father’s Day Guide for the Uncommon Dad is this Declaration of Independence Glass ($13). Mathew is a huge fan of all things ‘Murica and he even has a huge Declaration of Independence poster with the founding fathers in his office. He’s a true patriot and that’s why this glass is so perfect! For any guy that loves anything and everything #Murica, this is one gift that will make him happy. You don’t get any more patriotic than this!

Looking for a unique father's day gift guide for the dad in your life? Check out this ULTIMATE Father's Day guide for the uncommon dad!

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For the dad who likes a little Margaritaville: I won’t lie- I want to steal this gift from Mathew. We are in LOVE with this Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses set ($28-45) because it’s perfect for Tequila. Not only that, but we’re big Ningxia Red drinkers in this house, and taking our Ningxia with a Himalayan Salt twist is fun and delicious. The glasses are heavier than a typical shot glass and are actually made with Himalayan salt. The inside of the shot glass is lined with a plastic cup so you don’t have to think about having to clean them in a special way. Great for the father that loves to entertain others or just enjoys a nice shot of tequila on a Friday night!

Looking for a unique father's day gift guide for the dad in your life? Check out this ULTIMATE Father's Day guide for the uncommon dad!

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For the dad who likes a little kick: When I saw this Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit ($34.95), I thought of my brother. My brother has a daughter (my niece, Lexi, who is too adorable and sassy!) and he is obsessed with hot sauce. He will take it anywhere and everywhere and put it on everything. Ever since Mathew married into our Mexican family, he, too, has found a love for all things spicy, and couldn’t resist asking me for this hot sauce kit. It feeds his creative side and lets be honest, it’s just downright fun! We love this gift for the creative risk taker who wants a hot sauce the spicier, the better! Might even be fun to invite some friends over for a hot sauce making contest…



Looking for a unique father's day gift guide for the dad in your life? Check out this ULTIMATE Father's Day guide for the uncommon dad!

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For the hipster dad: Mathew just about DIED when he found this Comb Bottle Opener ($24.95) from Uncommon Goods. He has super short hair that he’s trying to grow out into a more modern style, as well as a beard he’s trying to grow and tame. He takes his plain old black comb with him all over the house, but once he saw the Comb Bottle Opener, he just about had a heart attack from all the joy. If the man in your life is a little more into keeping up his appearances or a little bit hipster, this is one gift he will get excited about. It’s functional, it’s fun, it’s just down right cool!

Looking for a unique father's day gift guide for the dad in your life? Check out this ULTIMATE Father's Day guide for the uncommon dad!

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For the dad that loves a little competition: Last, but not least, we’re loving this Portable Table Tennis Set ($39.95). Mathew and I hate having nothing to do on the weekends. We try our best to take Addie out each weekend to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine, and to get out of the house so the three of us don’t get cabin fever. Considering we both work from home, it can be boring staying at home all the time. Lately though, it’s been nasty outside! Humid, hot, rainy, and lots of mosquitoes. We’re over it! Sometimes, we can’t get out due to the elements, so this is a perfect remedy for that. We love that you can set it up anywhere in your house! Great for the guy that loves to have fun with his wife and kids, or whenever he wants to invite his buddies over!

Mathew is one amazing dad, and I’m so thankful for everything he does for our family. Although these are some gifts for an uncommon dad, he’s more than just “uncommon”, he’s an amazing, one-of-a-kind, uniquely wonderful man that has really stepped up to be the father he needed to be when Addie was having medical complications during her long hospitalization. It’s been almost a year since Addie was in the PICU, and to see how Mathew interacts with Addie on a daily basis just warms my heart. He tries so hard to be the best father he can for Addie, and I love seeing him step into that fatherly role more and more each day.

Which gift from the Ultimate Father’s Day Guide for the Uncommon Dad is your favorite?


Happies and Crappies 48: an Incredibly Long Week

The Vintage Modern Wife and Brunch With Amber: Happies and Crappies Link Up

Welcome to our 48th week of Happies and Crappies link up day! H&C wouldn’t have been around for so long if it wasn’t for you awesome ladies linking up, so Amber and I really appreciate you!

The deets on Happies and Crappies link up:

1. Happies and Crappies link up is posted EVERY Friday at Midnight CST. Happies and Crappies link up was created so you could write about the happies (good) and crappies (bad) from your week!

2. Please put the H&C button on your post for the link up.

3. Please follow your hosts. It’s not  mandatory, but we appreciate the love.

4. If you tweet about your post, feel free to tag me and Amber as well as use the hashtag #HappiesandCrappies


1. It’s Friday and I have a half day at work today! It’s also pajama day, which makes things infinitely better as well. It’s been a seriously long week and for some reason I felt as if it was dragging by even though I was insanely busy. I am so excited though to give my students their Christmas presents today, considering some of my students may not even get Christmas presents this year. I got them all puzzles and tried to fit the animal to their personality, so I hope they love them.

2. I was so fortunate to have the opportunity to go to a blogger meet up last weekend and meet with Laurie and Jessica of Ruthie and Rose, Casey of Real Suburbia, and Adrian of Revelry Beauty. I’ll be blogging about it next week (since I will officially be on vacaaaaation!) and I can’t wait to tell you all the fun things we did!

3. I made an amazing dessert the other day using Pillsbury Gluten Free Cookie Dough! I can’t wait to share it with you this Monday! I haven’t shared a recipe with y’all in a while, so I am super psyched!

4. Today is Pearl’s 2nd birthday! It’s been 2 years since our sweet nugget was born, and I couldn’t ask for a sweeter and cuddlier snuggle buddy and nap partner. She is an absolute blessing in our lives and she brightens up our days! I got this picture of her last weekend. Yeah, she looks a little bit of a mess (she hasn’t had a haircut since before our accident in October because her fur needed to grow our), but we love her so much. I think we’ll be taking her to the dog treat store today and buying her a cupcake or something to celebrate.

Our maltipoo, Pearl


1. I didn’t post anything on the blog all week. Real life snuck up on me and I definitely didn’t have any time to write this week. I’m so ready for my break!

2. My work has been providing us breakfast every day for 2 weeks, and lunches just about every other day…and now I’m getting fat(ter). Definitely will be putting in time at the gym while I’m on break!

3. My hands and cuticles have been extremely dry the past week because of the weather. My cuticles are all ripped up and they hurt because they’ve been tearing up so badly! I’ve been putting lotion and cuticle oil but none of it is working. Do you have a favorite hand cream that you really love?

4. I haven’t wrapped any Christmas presents so my tree looks empty. So sad.

Now it’s your turn to link up! Tell us about the Happies and Crappies from your week!

Branch Out and Live with Passion with Blue Nile

Disclosure: I received products in exchange for this review. My words and opinions are HONEST and are my own.

Around this time of year, I feel like I get complacent with my life. Work is coming to the end for the semester (which means I’m giving tests, reassessing my students, and working on large projects to make my classroom better each and every day) and Christmas is nearing, which means I am panicking over gifts for my very large family and friends. I live life by a schedule: get up, check my phone, get showered and dressed, drive Mathew to work (we’re still with one car), get to work, do last minute preparations for the kids, work all day, leave an hour late, pick up Mathew, cook dinner, grade papers, watch tv or blog, and go to bed. The next day? I repeat. I recently got a shirt from 11:11 Apparel’s new collection, and it said “Live with Passion“. The same day in the mail, I got a beautiful sterling silver Branch Necklace from Blue Nile. It was like something sparked in my mind and I thought to myself- Am I branching out and living with passion?

The honest answer? No.

I find myself struggling just to keep up with the day-to-day while still getting a good night’s sleep in. I find myself cancelling time with friends, time for myself at the gym, or even a quick prayer time with God because I’m simply “too busy.” Buying Christmas gifts has also been a source of stress this year for me, not because of the money, but because of the time that it takes to shop. Time that I don’t have. I’m not branching out and living with passion- I’m just simply living. I decided that this needed to change. NO MORE COMPLACENCY!

I love this Branch Necklace from Blue Nile! I've GOT to have it!

So how do I plan to fix this?

1) Remember that the Christmas season isn’t about stressing over gifts. All I need to do is get on my computer, head on to Blue Nile or 11:11 Apparel and get all the Christmas presents I need! (DUH) But really, Christmas gifts are SO not what anyone should be stressing about. Besides, Christmas is about Christ’s birth!

2) Take more opportunities to do the things I love. This means spending time asking my friends to go out to chat at Chuy’s like I used to, doing random kind things for my co-workers, going out to the movies on Friday nights because I’m not as old as I think, inviting family over to our place more often, and living without regret.

3. Save for vacations. Vacations give me so many more life experiences than I normally could have here. I think it’s important that Mathew and I save for another vacation for next year. We want to go back to Mexico where we had our honeymoon next Christmas, but it’s going to take a lot of saving. I’d love to zipline through the jungle, swim in a cenote, and for once look HOT in a bikini.

4. Give more time to God. My prayer life stinks. I pray during the day several times for various things, but I never truly sit down and just PRAY during a silent time in my day. I am going to try to make an effort to change this. I feel like the more I give to God, the more He will help me see how to live my life with passion for HIM- the way I was meant to.

I love this Branch Necklace from Blue Nile and the Live with Passion shirt from 11:11 Apparel!

Sure, my list is small, but it gives me room to grow! I can’t wait til 2014 to start my “resolutions”- I better branch out and live with passion NOW  before it’s too late and time has passed far too much on by.

This branch necklace from Blue Nile is so unique! I've got to have it!

So here’s the thing- I love the reminder that the shirt and necklace have in my life, and I want to share that with you. That’s why Blue Nile and I have teamed up to give YOU a Branch Necklace in Sterling Silver! It will come in a pretty blue box with silver ribbon, and you can choose to keep it, or spread some joy by giving it to someone you know and love this Christmas! Let it be that reminder to you to branch out and live with passion just as it has for me. I promise- it’ll make a difference in the way you live your day!

This Live with Passion tee from 11:11 Apparel is too cute! I need it in my life.

Don’t want to wait for the giveaway to end to get your necklace? Blue Nile is graciously offering 10% off ANY purchase with code bnhh10 at checkout! Also, 11:11 Apparel is generously offering 20% off your order with code HAPPYHOLIDAYS at checkout!

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