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Motherhood + Small Lifestyle Changes

At The Vintage Modern Wife, we believe small changes can snowball into incredible wellness benefits for the whole family. With special needs and toddler motherhood at the forefront, Stephanie embraces each brand she works with, making them authentically her own.

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Brand Work

A Portfolio of sponsored content

Blog Posts

Organic, authentic, SEO driven content paired with lifestyle photography while focusing on family friendly topics.

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why beddy’s is life changing

tips for parents with picky toddlers

frozen 2 back to school fashion

ultimate freshwater aquarium tips

mother’s day gift box

tatooine blue milk

50 star wars activities

eco friendly starter products

surprise experience gifts for kids

inspiring books chosen by special needs moms

planning for your child’s future

all american fourth of july

Social Media Posts

Colorful lifestyle photography incorporating family-friendly brands into daily life.

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Stories & Video Content

Fun, relatable content on Instagram and Facebook Stories and Reels with tailored hashtags to ensure visibility for companies.

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Stephanie Wolfe, The Vintage Modern Wife

Beginning in 2009 as a wedding and lifestyle blog, The Vintage Modern Wife has become a place of positivity, inspiration on special needs motherhood, and an educational avenue for clean living and wellness.
Stephanie Wolfe, the founder behind The Vintage Modern Wife, initially began her blog in 2009 to document her wedding. Since then, her readers have followed her journey from marriage through the birth of her special needs daughter, Addie, swapping to a clean living and wellness lifestyle, through navigating the birth and toddler years of her second child. 
Now you’ll see Stephanie discussing topics like special needs parenting, keeping sane through the toddler years, leading a toxin-free lifestyle, adventures through Texas, and more.


Flexible rate options available upon request.

Sponsored Social Media Post

$ 1000
  • 1 Static Instagram post
  • 1-3 Instagram Story Slides
  • 1 Static Facebook Post
  • Custom Original Photography

Sponsored Blog Post

$ 1200
  • 1 Featured Blog Post
  • 3-5 Hi-Res Photos
  • SEO keywords
  • Social Media Promotion

Sponsored Instagram Stories

$ 1500
  • 3-5 Videos/Photo Slides
  • Narrated Product Demo
  • Swipe ups and Social Media Tags
  • May Be Added to Facebook Stories

Blog & Stories Bundle

$ 1800
  • 1 Featured Blog Post
  • 3-5 Videos/Photo Slides
  • 3-5 Hi-Res Photos in Post
  • Social Media Promotion



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