There are so many different technicalities a couple must do before getting married. Whether it’s finding a new apartment, making sure finances and bills are in order, or making sure you are set to start a life with someone–it’s A LOT of work.

One of the things we’re struggling with (hey, we’re not perfect) is Mathew finding a full time job. You see, I already have a full time job even though I’m also a full time student. It’s not easy for me, but luckily taking most of my classes this semester online through our school has helped make the many hours of class and work bearable. Mathew on the other hand is taking more hours of school than me (I’m taking 4 classes, he’s taking 6) but has a part time job. He doesn’t make much with his job, but it’s enough to pay for his few bills that he has.

He’s graduating in 24 days and desperately needs to find a job that is full time. No job, no wedding. FOR REAL. Even though we’ve paid many deposits and saved tons of money, we can’t get married if we can’t afford our own place and our own bills. Therefore, he has to find a job, like, NOW. We’re not getting married til December, but you all know how bad this economy is, and how hard it is to find a job, so he’s looking now. Plus, the sooner he finds it- the faster we can save for furniture, our honeymoon, and an apartment.

Right now Mathew is applying for a job that has History involved (his specialty). His degree is going to be General Studies (it’s complicated but basically he’s taking Texas Tech classes through our community college and it’s the only degree they offer through that program), so his job findings are limited. He found one that he’s super interested in and I’m really hoping he gets it.

In any case, I need you all to pray, send good thoughts, or just leave him some words of encouragement! Him getting this job (or A job in general) will make or break everything…

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