EDIT: After I wrote this post last night, the power went out! It was out from 8 pm until 11 am today!

Well, today has definitely been an interesting one! Texas doesn’t get snow often, especially Waco, but because of the huge cold front that came in last night, we actually got alot of ice (in fact I went outside at 2 pm and I still had icicles all over my car!). School was cancelled, which I was thankful for because I had a test today, and work was cancelled too! It was very nice.

I decided to spend my day with my honey, and we had a lovely lunch at Olive Garden! The soup and salad was really tasty, and since it was so cold out, hardly anyone went out to lunch, so we got our food fast! Yay for that!

Afterward, we went to the mall and went shopping. I haven’t bought any clothes since before I moved to Waco (I occasionally buy a dress here or there..but I never shop frequently). I ended up buying 3 shirts, 2 tank tops, and of course undergarments. Everything was much needed, so I’m a happy camper! One of the tops I bought I have below, and I think I’m going to wear it on Valentine’s Day too! It’s really cute!

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