Envisioning your wedding is something that every girl does right after they’ve said “yes”. From flowers and decor to clothes and hair, everything must be cohesive. I’ve picked out my dress, jewelry, and shoes, my bridesmaid dresses and shoes, as well as ideas I have for table decor.

Mathew’s Aunt Marylynn came into town yesterday (from 4 hours away!) and went with me and Mathew’s mom to the church and reception venue to scope it out for decorating ideas. We were at the church for about an hour-hour and a half just walking around and thinking of aisle ideas and the actual “stage” ideas. The church has some ugly green chair on the back part of the stage (4 rows worth) for the choir, and we’re not allowed to move them, so we were trying to think of ways to hide them. Also, we had a thought about doing some pomanders hanging on the sides of the aisle. We’re also thinking TONS of twinkle/Christmas lights, and I’m really excited about that.

As for the reception, we’ve figured out all the key places on where we’ll have various tables in the foyer (one for the guestbook, one for the candy bar, one for gifts, one for hot chocolate/apple cider..etc), where we’ll showcase my mom and his mom’s wedding dresses and wedding pictures, and how we’re thinking of decorating outside for our exit. We also got a glimpse into the room we’re having the reception in (I only got to show her 1/3 of the room because the other 2/3 were partitioned off for a health fair they were having at the hotel). Aunt Marylynn loved the color scheme of the hotel room, and she also had great ideas on where to put the bride and groom cakes as well as the bridal party table. Overall, I’m a pretty happy bride!

And, just to update everyone…it DID snow Thursday night afterall! So, I am putting in some pictures here for everyone’s enjoyment!

The view looking out from our front door.

Our dog, Flurrie. It’s like she’s camouflaged into the snow!

Our house. Not “our” house, but the house we live in 😉

Mathew posing by his snow covered mustang. Isn’t he cute?!

Me and my snow covered jeep. (Sorry for my awful appearance…didn’t know we were gonna take pics of ourselves or I would’ve fixed my hair. Also, it was SO bright outside. I don’t normally have asian-looking eyes.)

Some cute snow artwork with our initials.

More cute snow artwork 😉

Our “deer tracks”

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