So I never mentioned the other day that the day of our friend’s wedding that I was going to have my first dress fitting. Y’all..let me tell you…my dress is PERFECT. It is truly made for me.

The whole day was kind of a blur though. You see, Meredith and Stephen were having their wedding outside and for the first time ALL summer, it rained that morning. With the crew (including myself and Mama Julie- Mathew’s mom) in tow, we set out to decorate the venue. There were probably 15 people or so there (friends and family) to help out, and we decided we were going to battle the humidity and last drips of rain that morning. Well, I decided to wear shorts and a tank. Smart, I thought. I figured I could get dirty, we’d go home at noon, I could shower, and we could head out to David’s Bridal and be there at one.


Because the rain had made it so humid, and Mama Julie and I were preparing bows for the pews, the bows kept wilting on us! We kept trying to fix them and ultimately gave up (don’t worry- we opted to come to the wedding an hour early to “fluff” them). Well, with all of our bow problems we actually ran late and didn’t leave the venue til 12:30ish. It normally takes 30 mins from the venue to our house, but Mama J booked it and we got to the house at 12:55.

I quickly ran inside the house and took the fastest shower of my life. Literally- it was 2 mins long. Then, I jumped out of the shower only to find THERE WAS NO TOWEL! Well, there was one towel…the hand towel. At that point though, it was a matter of being super late and cancelling my appointment or drying off with the itty bitty towel and getting there maybe 5 mins late.

5 minutes late it was!

(ps that’s not me. photo courtesy of

I hurried to the appointment and had my “entourage” (aka Mama J) grab my dress out of the car. To my surprise, once I had the dress on and the seamstress looked at it, we didn’t have to fix the length! I’m a shortie (5’0″) and the dress was a tad long without my shoes. I’d never tried my wedding shoes on with my dress, so I was shocked to find out that the length was PERFECT! I had come with my money ready to be dished out (but thankfully I didn’t need to). I did, however, have to get the bodice fixed a little so my guests can’t see down my dress and look at my br). Yeah, that may be just a TAAAD awkward. I also had to get a 3 button bustle put in (my fabric is a tad heavy). On the good side it was only a tad over $150 so I was a happy camper that it wasn’t going to cost over $300 like I thought it would.

Other than that though, I didn’t have to have anything else fixed up! So tell me, what alterations did you have to do and how much did they cost you?

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