In the past week and a half I have heard the SAME cake guy recommended by 3 people! These aren’t 3 people that are family, but 2 are our DJ and florist, and one was a coworker! Needless to say I was surprised 2 people mentioned him as a great cake guy, but now a third?! And I hadn’t even mentioned this guy’s name to any of them!

It’s definitely making me want to have a cake tasting ASAP. According to, I’m supposed to be finding a cake baker and book him/her around this time period, so I may try to find a time when Mathew and I can get to meet him. I’m thinking that the Sunday of our engagement pictures might be a good day to do a tasting, since Mathew will actually be off that day. I will have gone shopping for outfits and have highlighted my hair the day before, so after church we’ll have plenty of time for a tasting before our shoot!

In any case, I’m leaving you all with some pictures of some of this baker’s yummy work!

Tuxedo strawberries that are apparently one of his specialties. My florist, Donna, says we should ask for some, because when he makes some for weddings he brings her the extras! Haha!

This cake is something similar to what I want (except I want white with ivory icing). We’d like a 3-4 layer with TONS of piping/detail. I thought this cake was cute.

This cake is one of his more modern styles. I love the height and even though the frosting is brown, it’s still elegant!

Lastly, the groom’s cake. A Texas tradition (well, a southern tradition) that is close to our hearts. Mathew wants something similar to this for his. He wants a 2 tier with chocolate covered strawberries and raspberries. When I showed him this picture, his jaw dropped open and I thought he was going to eat my laptop.

All in all, I think after writing this post I’m going to call the cake guy tomorrow. I better start saving pictures of cake designs I like!

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