On the 4th of this month, we officially became under the 9 month away from the wedding mark. I guess I didn’t realize that once I hit 9 months before that I was going to have that much to do. We got engaged this past July, and are getting married December 3. I’ve been working on wedding stuff since practically the week after we got engaged. *cue stressed bride*

I decided to go on theknot.com today to look at my “to-do checklist”. apparently, at 9 months and under, you have a TON of stuff to do! Basically, the list freaked me out (since I’ve always been ahead of what the list asked me to do..and now I’m NOT ahead) and I decided to book an appointment with a florist tomorrow, and have already spoken to a DJ about using his services (I was tossing around using either of 2 DJs).

For the flowers, we’re going to discuss bouquet options, and I think I’ve decided on white flowers. Ranunculus, peonies (even if i have to pay like $5-8 a stem. I really want at least 3 or 4), stephanotis (with crystals in the center), maybe some hydrangeas, and cyndbium orchids (mayyyybe). We’ll just see what’s in my budget and then go from there I suppose. I know I was originally thinking of a brooch bouquet, but I initially thought they were going to be $300, but that was just the deposit. YIKES!

As for the DJ, there one that I want is a little pricier than the other. One DJ, Kevin, is the more expensive one. 4 hours for $1100. The other DJ, Mike, has 5 hours for $950. HOWEVER Mike is ALOT more chatty. I mean, the first time I talked to him on the phone, he kept me for an hour (literally). Then, when I saw Mike at a bridal show, he tried to keep me another 30 mins. It’s just too much talking for me, and I wonder if he’d be so talkative at the wedding. Kevin, though, just played at a friend’s wedding, and apparently was pretty good. Also, he’s been known to play at all of the high school and middle school dances around here..so that’s got to be good, right? So I’m planning to meet with Kevin this week (hopefully) and bring Mathew and his mom with me. Hopefully we can get him to lower his price, or at least give us 5 hours for $1000 or something of similar price.

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