With 11 days until I need to mail our wedding invitations, there’s no time for a meltdown. Honestly, after being engaged for 14 months, I’m tired of freakouts. I’ve come to realize lately that it’s totally ok to just go with the flow.

Initially, when I ordered my invitations, I knew that I’d have to DIY one teeny tiny part of it. It’d be our “accommodation/registry” card that we’d stick in. Yeah, yeah call me tacky, I don’t care. Sticking in a card that specifies where to find our hotel blocks and our registry isn’t tacky to me…it’s more informative. Plus, I’ve asked loads of people in our families if they find it tacky. Everyone agreed that it’d be easier if registry stuff was included in the invitation packet since a lot of people don’t visit the wedding website. Maybe it’s because I’m Hispanic. Maybe that has nothing to do with it. Either way, Mathew and I are convinced that we’re being informative, not rude (if you disagree, that’s ok lol).

I set out today in search of pearlized metallic paper to match our awesome invitations that we got off Etsy. After the 3rd store, I finally found what I was looking for- ish. I initially wanted an ivory pearlized cardstock, but none were the correct shade. I stumbled upon silver metallic cardstock which was perfect because it matched the reception card included in our invitation suite.

I strived to match the font as perfectly as I could to our suite and came up pretty close. I looked at the words on the screen and everything looked perfect. I pressed print (on a scratch regular computer paper), and looked it over (ok ok…I merely glanced at it, but that’s not the point. Well actually…it is). It was great! FSIL Kristin looked at it too and concluded it looked like the right size and I put 15 pieces of paper into the printer (I had 12 accommodation/registry cards per page of paper). I loved how well it printed on the cardstock and immediately showed it to Mathew. With his stamp of approval, I ran down the hall to Mama Julie.

The reason I love Mama Julie is because she looks at everything carefully (especially when she knows I won’t because I’m super excited). She noticed 2 errors. WHAT?! Yep…2 errors. First, on our URL for the wedding website, the “s” in my name was cut off by the margin (on every single “card” on the first column of the paper) and that the “e” in Mathew’s last name was cut off on ever single “card” of the last column of the paper.

I’m pretty tired of hashing out so much money, so I said “forget it”. Hardly anyone will notice this tiny tiny error so I pulled out my handy dandy pen, wrote an “s” in for my name on all 15 pages’ 1st column, and wrote an “e” in Mathews last name on all 15 pages’ 3rd column. Tomorrow, I’ll use the paper cutter at work and carefully cut them out, but other than that, I’m not going to worry about them. Guests will only glance at them and I am not going to die because every single one isn’t perfect by 1 character in a tiny card.

All in all, it’s just not worth the freakout. 🙂 I have better stuff to do like wondering what kind of stamp we’ll use and addressing envelopes!

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