Last week, Mathew and I successfully passed the 3 months til our wedding mark. With 14 months of an engagement out of the way, we’re definitely ready for these next 3 months to fly by.

I got to pick up my dress from alterations today on my lunch. I’d been waiting about a month to get it (well, almost a month) and I was really nervous to go to my appointment alone, but I did just fine by myself. My dress is so beautiful and the bustle looks SO amazing. I can’t wait to dance at our wedding! I’m glad to have the dress back in my possession and the alterations lady was so nice and helpful when I needed to put my dress on and take it off. She was really good at explaining the bustle buttons to me too (which are pearls!) and took the time to let me feel where everything went so I could tell MOH Sarah and any other bridesmaids that will help me when “bustle time” comes.

This week I also (thankfully) was able to get a good chunk of change thanks to some extra school book money and pay off the last of the wedding stuff (well, i still need to take out some more money, but i’m pretty sure it’ll pay it off or at least give me hardly any to pay for out of my upcoming paychecks). It’s amazing to know that we’ve paid for this entire wedding almost completely on our own (we’re paid about 99% of it). I never thought we’d make it, honestly (and to boot, early!).

Now it’s time to do some apartment/duplex/home hunting.

Y’all, this is harder than it sounds like. It really is. We’ve looked at apartments around here and everything ranges from $850-$2500 around here. Everything is so expensive for just a one bedroom apartment. Add utilities and random bills to the mix, and that’s just TOO much money.

We went duplex hunting last weekend, but of course, no realtors are even open on the weekends so the ones we liked we weren’t able to get information on. To make things worse, there weren’t that many duplexes that were in good neighborhoods. We’d like to look at small houses too, so that’s still an option (though do we even have time/money for that?! how much do you have to put down to get a house?!). I’m really ready just to find a place. We need to have a place by November, and that’s a little stressful since we only have a few free weekends that we can do that.

School is kicking my butt right now too. Granted, I’m only on the 2nd week (well, just finished the 2nd week) but for some reason I just can’t get into gear with what I need to get done. I think it’s because work is kicking my butt too. We’d been unable to input data into our system because it wasn’t set up until yesterday, so that’s 3 weeks of data I have to start putting in.

I’m so sad my blog has to have taken a backseat lately. For that, I’m sorry. I hope I can put pictures of part 2 of the shower up soon though (especially because I have ANOTHER shower next weekend!) (ps..yeah shower #3 out of 5. yikes). I hope everyone is doing well (Jess Beer, heard about your honey’s death in the fam, I’m so sorry. Prayers coming y’alls way) and I’m trying to read, but haven’t really been able to read EVERY post or comment on hardly any of them. Needless to say, once I get my homework done this weekend, I’ve got some catching up to do!

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