Mathew and I have incredibly busy schedules…especially on Mondays. He gets up at 6:30 and is out the door by 7:15 in order to go to class at 8. I sleep in until 8, get dressed and leave for work at 8:45 in order to be there at 9. I work all day, Mathew comes home and does homework all day, and then at 6:30 I’m off work (which, at that time he leaves home in order to go to a class) and I head to study group at Barnes & Noble. Usually I’m out by 9 and that’s when his class is over as well. We both come home, exhausted, heat up whatever his mom has made for dinner, do more homework, and then crash.

As you can see…Mondays are not conducive for Valentine’s Day extravagance. We initially decided to do Valentine’s on Sunday, so while Mathew was working today I decided to go ahead and buy his gifts. We’re both low on funds this month (paying the photographer her monthly check PLUS $300 for our engagement class wiped me out, and Mathew’s bills for his car payment and other things wiped him out), so we tried to keep it little. I bought him a bag of candy and some cherry cordials (I had some little valentine’s chinese to go boxes that I got from our church daycare last year that they didn’t use), an ITunes gift card, a dvd that he wanted, and a GINORMOUS balloon. I figured…if I wasn’t going to be spending alot then at least I could get him the biggest balloon in the store.

Anyway, so I got home today and set it all up so that way tomorrow when I woke up to work at the church nursery I could set it up. Come to find out, Mathew wanted to surprise me and exchange gifts tonight, so when he got off of work he came home and made me close my eyes. I opened them to a GORGEOUS red rose bouquet and a cute frog balloon (his sweater says “Toad-ally kissable!”). I thought it was really sweet of him. I apologize for the bad photo quality. I took the pic on my phone. Once my camera charges I will take a better pic for you all!

Tomorrow we plan on finishing our Valentine’s Day plans by going out to dinner, going to a near by park to take a romantic walk and discuss wedding marriage stuff (part of our engagement class homework), and then putting the top down on the convertible and watching a movie with the portable DVD player.

All in all, it’s going to be a great weekend 🙂

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