3 years ago I came to Waco to visit Mathew. We’d been “talking”/”dating” for a little under a year, and I decided to go visit him one weekend. On that Friday, Mathew sat me down on the bed in the guest room (now, my room) and asked me if I’d finally and officially be his girlfriend.

(from the weekend that we became official. don’t mind my bangs, my hair was in TERRIBLE shape and had tons of breakage!)

We’re not doing much tonight because 1) Mathew is under the weather, and 2) we’re poor because of the wedding! I think we’ll be going out to dinner tonight, and I’m definitely ok with that. I’m thankful that we will get to do anything at all (especially with the loads of homework I have).

I can’t believe that after all the time, we’re engaged and about to be married in 19 days. With not much time left until the big day, we definitely have a lot of things to do, but somehow we’re calm and excited. I think that’s a good benefit to having such a long engagement. Our newest worries are finding a pianist (yep, we’re 19 days out and don’t have one still) and moving into our new apartment next week!

I’m also looking forward to having a break from work and school next week. I mean, I’ll still have homework/projects, but at least I won’t have to go to class! A majority of Monday through Wednesday we’ll be packing though, and that should be interesting. I really should start going through my stuff. Hmm…

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