Today has been quite an eventful day. Waking up early in the morning because of the dog barking isn’t exactly how I particularly wake up, but thankfully I woke up on the right side of the bed today.

After laying in my pajamas lazily til 1:30 in the afternoon (hey, at least I was productive doing online class assignments), I finally decided to get up and get dressed for work at 2:30. I walked out the door and stopped by the mailbox before getting in my car, only to open it and find that my $100 gift certificate that I won from David’s Bridal the other day was there! Not only were ideas swirling in my head of the items I would buy with that money, but how I couldn’t wait to use the certificate!
Soon thereafter I got to work and sat down in our office and got a phone call from my boss. She called to tell me that they would like to extend the afterschool site manager position to me at the school I currently work at! I am SO excited that I was offered the position (and obviously said yes), and I can’t wait to go from a part time job to a “big girl” full time job! Now I’ll have benefits as well as personal and sick leave. Mathew is particularly happy about this because this is just another way that we’ll be able to help pay for the wedding and get ready for married life in December. I’m a little nervous that all the pressure is on me now, but he’s so proud of me that I know I can do my schooling and work and be ok.
Just to show how proud he is of me, Mathew snuck into my car later this evening while I was at a study group after working and placed a single long stemmed red rose with a sweet card on the passenger seat.

I was surprised to say the least when I left my study group, got into my car, and saw the rose! Not only that, but once I got home, he told me to go straight to my room (for those of you that don’t know, I live with Mathew’s family ever since I moved here to Waco, and I have my own room). When I walked into my room, there was a huge vase full of beautiful pink roses and gorgeous purple flowers (I have no idea what kind the purple ones are). It was such a sweet gesture and I am so happy that he is proud of me for working so hard. I’m incredibly lucky.

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