In my last post, I talked about the first 2 days of our 4 day weekend. Well, the last 2 days of it, were even better!

Sarah came in town!!!! (Taken on my 21st bday in 2007. Oh and the “v” thing is an asian/korean thing. Don’t ask.)

For those of you who don’t know, Sarah is my MOH and has been my best friend since the 2nd grade (if you’re counting that’s 17 years!). We met through a mutual friend and have been inseparable ever since (well, we did have a tiny separation in the 5th grade when she went to another school. but that was resolved in the 6th grade when we reunited!). She is my rock and has always been there to listen to me babble on the phone about every random guy I ever liked since elementary all the way until Mathew. She knows more about me than anyone else and is truly a sister to me. We are the Cristina/Meredith of our world and she is my PERSON.

Ok…back to the story. So, Sarah came in town and Mathew and I decided to spoil her. We made steaks with a fresh rosemary compound butter that I made with rosemary from my parent’s garden. We also made asparagus with garlic and broccoli cheese rice. Mmm! It was great and we got to catch up A LOT. We’ve both been really busy this summer and it hasn’t given us much time to chat on the phone, so we were extremely chatty. Mathew was a good sport and sat in the background listening to us ramble on and on.

It was his suggestion, however, to go to David’s Bridal after dinner and have Sarah pick out/try on MOH dresses! So, with him cleaning up after dinner, and us going to David’s, we were having a fun night! I didn’t get to take any pics of Sarah in all 3 of the dresses she tried on- but I did take one of the winner!

Doesn’t Sarah look great?! It definitely WON’T be in that color, but it’ll be that dress. It accentuates her curves in all the right places and looks classy with a bit of va-voom! I love it 🙂

We ended up chilling at the house the rest of the night and played Scrabble (I won!) and watched some movies. It was the best ending to a fun day AND Saturday was even better than Friday! Make sure you stay on the look out for that post soon 😉

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