Felt like doing some wedding stuff tonight since I don’t have homework and went on the David’s Bridal website to look at the shoes I’d chosen for my bridesmaids. Initially the shoes were shown online in various colors, but when I found them online again today, they were only shown to be available in white! I started freaking out because I’d already had 1 bridesmaid buy her shoes (in Watermelon, the color of the dresses). In a panic, I called up my local DB and told the girl my dilemma. She let me know that the shoes actually come in white and then get dyed at the store. WHEW! I got a little nervous there!

All day today I’ve been toying with the idea of changing the bridesmaid dresses. I guess it may have been all of the episodes of My Fair Wedding with David Tutera that I watched on Sunday, but it’s been on my mind alot. I want my bridesmaids to have gorgeous dresses that look good on every single one of them. I initially thought I wanted long dresses (shown left on the picture above) for the bridesmaids, but now I’m kind of leaning towards short dresses (one of the 4 short dresses I’m thinking about is shown in picture on right). Thankfully our wedding isn’t for another 9 months (ish), so I don’t have to commit to anything, but still. I thought I knew! I’m going to try to have one of my bridesmaids try on some of these dresses this weekend so I can have some peace of mind.

I’ll let you know how my indecisiveness goes once the girls try on the dresses!

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