The other week I told you all about the gorgeous Tejani bracelet I ordered online. Because of the giveaway, I decided to postpone my post about the bracelet but IT GOT HERE YESTERDAY!

First off, let me tell you, had the UPS guy not come on Monday I most likely would’ve shanked him (yes, we like to use “shank” in this house hehe). I have never had any problems with UPS ever, but I was stalking tracking my package online since it was shipped and originally the delivery date was Friday.

I had to work late Friday (I sometimes work at my church for our Parents Night Out) so of course I had everyone keeping an eye out for the UPS guy because early that morning my tracking number said “Out for Delivery”. Well the day came and went and the bracelet never showed up. It wasn’t until I looked online that UPS changed my delivery date until Monday! Of course, I still checked on Saturday to make sure it hadn’t come, and then got home Monday after work and anxiously awaited the arrival of my package. I was about to tackle my UPS guy when he came, but I was too excited to even care anymore. MY BRACELET WAS HERE!

I probably should’ve taken pictures, but honestly, I was just too excited. I opened the package and found a black shiny box with the Tejani logo on it and ribbon wrapped around the box. Of course I had to take it out neatly and opened up to find this:

(of course this is not my hand, but the one on the site)

It is SO sparkly and shiny. I believe the words “Um, can I keep this on and wear it to the gym?!” came out of my mouth too. It looks like real diamonds too (which is a plus, otherwise I could’ve just bought a bracelet at Sam Moon for 8 bucks) and I love it!

This officially makes my wedding ensemble COMPLETE. I’ve bought earrings, a bracelet, my dress, my veil, shoes, and my rhinestone headband. THIS IS SO EXCITING!

Also, Tejani has a discount code that I found through If you go to and find your accessory, when you go to pay just put GETMARRIED15 in the box to get 15% off your purchase (til July 31st).

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