Friday the 13th hates me. I never believe in any of that stuff, but coincidentally, yesterday was pretty bad.

I threw in some laundry on Thursday night and was so exhausted by the time I went to bed that I forgot to put my clothes in the dryer. Of course, Friday morning I woke up and realized my clothes were still wet! I had a meeting in 30 mins and had to throw them in the dryer. I ended up having to go to work in half wet clothes. It was definitely not fun.

Then, last night was possibly the worst night ever. Mathew and I had a fight (hey, we’re not perfect), and I cried. We worked everything out, but I definitely hate the “growing” process. You know, the reason couples fight is to grow and to learn from their mistakes and learn to forgive. To me- that process stinks at life (I’m sure I had other choice words, but I’ll hold my tongue). In any case, I woke up this morning to Mathew coming in the room telling me he brought kolaches and flowers for me. It wasn’t a big bouquet or anything- just 2 Gerbera daisies in a cute, short and green vintage looking vase (see below). In the picture it looks like 1 daisy, but the other one is directly behind it. It definitely made my morning a bit better just to know he was trying to do something sweet even though he’s pretty poor right now (he just paid a ton of bills yesterday).

Anyway, the rest of the morning flew by. I was so tired from last night (and waking up early this morning) that I took a 2 hour nap while Mathew mowed. BUT- at 3 pm I have my wonderful co-worker, Silvia, coming over to help me with part of my bridesmaid gifts! Yeah, I know…our wedding isn’t for 6.5 months, but I can’t help it! I’d rather do it now then try to do it during summer when things are crazy, or worse– in the fall when I’m taking classes AND doing this whole wedding bit. So Silvia is coming and we’re going to make them.

Wanna know what they are????

Bridesmaids…this is DEFINITELY not for your eyes. So, uh, bye bye! (Maggie, don’t tell Beth Anne! lol)

I’m making the DIY doily canvas bag from Ashley Ann Photography (shown below)

I’m going to make them in different colors though. I initially thought of making them all hot pink like my bridesmaid dresses, BUT I would rather let their personalities shine and make them a bag that they can use over and over (for instance, Mathew’s sis, Kristin, HATES pink) and actually want to. So, Silvia and I are going to go to Hobby Lobby and start crafting! Whoo! I’m definitely excited and I hope they turn out well!

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