This is my cousin, Clarissa, and myself at her bridal shower a couple years ago 🙂

Bridal showers can be a ton of fun for a bride, or they can be something a bride dreads. I, personally, love bridal showers. The cheesy games, the tiny food, friends and family having a good time…not to mention the gifts. However, after going to a few bridal showers, they all seem to blend together. Everyone plays the same games, so they can start to get boring.

Mathew and I have both of our families very spread out. His parents live here in Waco, my parents/dad’s side live in Corpus Christi, my grandmother/mom’s side in McAllen, and Mathew’s family lives in Wichita Falls. They’re all across the map of Texas, and because of it, we will be having at least 4 showers for the wedding.
My aunt is a great shower and party planner, and has offered to throw a shower for me at the end of July. She’s placed my older sister, Arlene, in charge of…you guessed it…bridal shower games. My sister wants to plan FUN and DIFFERENT games that go beyond typical boring shower games. She also wants to give out cool prizes, like a basket with a theme for each winner. One basket will have spa stuff, another coffee items, another with blinged out stuff…etc.

So, my question to you all is….do you have any fun game suggestions?

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