The other day, after a LONG day of doctors appointments, Addie got her first haircut! Well, her first REAL haircut.

You see, if you don’t recall or are new around here, Addie had a craniotomy in February of this year. We thought they were just going to cut some of her hair so they could make the incisions, but they ended up shaving the entire top of her head and left the back with all her hair. She looked silly, but her hair was still fairly short, so we didn’t make a big deal about it. After all, hair grows.

As time went on and we got admitted to PICU, her hair grew out into a mullet. Addie is not the “rocker” type, so I really wanted to make sure her hair was nice and even for her birthday. The thing is, it can be complicated taking Addie places because of all her equipment, and it’s not exactly “worth it” to go out for something that will take 5-10 minutes. Thankfully, I have a sweet hairdresser, Jessica (aka Jessi), who graciously said she would come to our house to give Addie her haircut. We were so grateful because not only did it save us time, but Addie can’t be around so many fumes.

We decided to Periscope the whole thing, and I gave Mathew free reign of my phone/camera to film while Addie had her haircut. I wanted to share the video with you all and I hope you enjoy it!

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