I’ve been racking my brain for weeks now as to where I want to take my bridal portraits. I initially thought I wanted a field as my inspiration and went crazy on Pinterest saving tons and tons of “bride in a field” pictures. Somehow in all my pinning, I realized the more vintage/old fashioned/traditional side in me came out. Long before bridal portraits became a “fad” for blogs or Pinterest, they were a Southern staple. Before the wedding, the bride has a session all to herself to take pictures (and test how she’ll look on her big day). Then, on the big day, a bridal portrait is put out at the reception!

This made for an indecisive Steppie (my nickname at the house). Did I want to be vintage? Did I want to go the modern route? I chose…


I’ve decided to take pictures at the gorgeous Earle Harrison House which was built in 1858. The website gives this information: With nine cypress columns and longleaf heart pine exterior sheathing, the 5,000 square foot structure has fourteen foot first-floor ceilings, walkthrough windows onto verandas, and spacious rooms. It’s collection of fine Victorian furnishings and artifacts were gifts from Waco citizens, and Earle & Harrison descendants.

Um, can you say AMAZING?!

Plus, look at this parlor:

Can you picture me in my wedding dress sitting on that yellow couch? I totally can! Plus, check out that wallpaper!

All in all, I’m pretty excited that I’ll be taking pictures at the Earle Harrison house. Of course, like a good Wacoan, I’ll be taking pictures at the Suspension Bridge too. 😉

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