Last I left you all, I’d been “Housewifing it up” and was about to get my dog, Pearl. Needless to say, our lives have changed so much since then! Being married is AMAZING. I love our little routine, and now that it’s summer, Mathew and I love hanging out with our friends and heading to the pool. I’ve got a decent base tan now, so I’m really happy. (Not to mention, my birthday is coming up in 8 days!) Also when I left you all last, I mentioned how I was going to start to try and lose some weight. I’m happy to report that I indeed DID start, and have lost 35 pounds since! I’m so happy but I still have about 30 more to go. Either way, I’ve had to buy lots of new clothes in smaller sizes, and that’s ALWAYS a good feeling! Pearl is an amazing puppy and the light of our lives. I have to admit that she was a lot of work at first (and sometimes- like yesterday when she had poop smeared on her butt that we had to run and give her a bath, haha) but she’s awesome. We love coming home to a dog that loves us with all her little heart. She’s already a little lady now (we got her “fixed” two weeks ago) and she loves taking pictures!

Mathew and Pearl on the day we got her- February 18, 2012
Pearl a few months after we got her
Pearl last week

Lastly, we have some fun news..Mathew and I get to be models in a photoshoot tomorrow! Our wedding photographers have asked us to participate in the Heart of Texas Professional Photographers Guild’s photoshoot where we’ll get to wear our wedding attire and pretend to be a bride and groom again! I’m so excited to get dressed up all over again and somewhat relive the day we had on our wedding. I’m excited too because we’ll get to have a disc of all the images the photographers take of us (for free) and to be honest, we hardly got time to take pictures of just Mathew and I on our wedding day. My cousin was almost late to the ceremony (she was a bridesmaid and was coming from out of town because she took her LSAT that morning) so we had to postpone bridesmaid pictures til after the wedding. We also had to take lots of family portraits. By the time it got to taking pictures of just Mathew and I, we were running an hour late to get to the reception and I was stressed (and pressed) for time. We tried to take a few pictures outside the church, but it already was dark outside and drizzling, which didn’t make good picture taking atmosphere. I’m so glad we get another chance!

It’s been so great since I last blogged. Honestly, I haven’t blogged because we’ve just been enjoying married life. I do miss it though, but somehow twitter and instagram have ruled my online life lately. I’m going to try to blog at least a little routinely (that is, if anyone still follows me) and keep you all up to date on our lives! Please comment if you’re reading this! I want to make sure people still follow! Let me know what’s been going on with you, too!

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