This weekend was all kinds of fun. I don’t remember a weekend where I’ve had SO much fun (ok, yes I do- it was when Neely and Sar came to visit me), but honestly, this weekend was one of the best I’d had in MONTHS. Sometimes I feel as though I’ve gotten “old” lately. I go to bed early, I wake up early, I like taking naps, I like being a homebody. I’m definitely not a typical 26 year old (or at least I’m different than the people I went to high school with who still stay out til 2 am drinking and partying it up). I’m not the partying type anymore because I really overdid that at the beginning of my college days. Plus, I’m married, so life is just different now.

I was really excited when Color in Motion and I got together so I could participate in the 5k. I’d never done a 5k before, and I fully intended on having the best time of my life- and I totally did! I had tons of plans this weekend, but was really excited for the Color in Motion. I hope you were following along with my Instagram, but if you weren’t then you’ll love this post. Y’all know I’m no runner, and I know I said I was going to do the C25K, but that didn’t exactly work out. It’s called working 40 hrs, being in school 12 hours, blogging, and side businesses. It takes a lot outta ya.

Ok so here are some rules you need to follow when participating in the Color in Motion 5k:

1. The night before the race- loosen up by hanging out with friends. 

We got into Dallas on Friday night pretty late, but made it a point to visit a friend. Relaxing before your race is crucial and definitely will help you just relax your muscles. Make sure you don’t drink too much though!
2. Try not to go to bed TOO late.

This was a fail on our part. We got back to our hotel around 12:30 at night and didn’t go to bed until about 1:30 once we unpacked and got our stuff ready. Needless to say, this is one tip I should’ve followed.

3. Wake up early so you get to be the first wave of the race. 

I can’t help myself, I don’t like to be late to places. I’m always 45 mins early to class, or 5 mins early to work, or exactly on time by the minute when I meet up with friends. I like being early! My favorite saying is “To be early is to be on time.” We got up at 6 so we could be at Fair Park, where the race would be, by 7- which was the earliest you could get to the race. It was REALLY cold, so I threw on black pants, black Nike shoes, and a black Under Armour shirt. I knew I’d get my white Color in Motion 5k shirt when we went to get our sign in packets, so I wasn’t concerned that I looked like a robber in all my black.

Take note: when running in 37 degree weather, take gloves!

4. Sign in and throw on your gear! 

We got to Fair Park at 6:50 and saw other cars so we figured we were good. It was SO cold, so we quickly signed in and got our free shirts for the race and threw them on. Of course, we also had to buy some fun merch from Color in Motion, like the sweatbands and hoodie they were selling. I also threw on my light pink  SPI Belt that I got to review! For what it’s worth- I freaking loved my SPI Belt. Again, I’m not a runner, but when I actually attempt to go running, I hate that I have to take my key off the key ring and shove it in my Nike shorts. Sure, they have a tiny key pocket, but then I’m stuck shoving my iPhone down the waist of my shorts so I can have music to run with. Trust me, it’s not really effective when you’re trying to run and the phone is slipping down your pants. It’s not a good look. I was able to shove my phone, Mathew’s phone, a credit card, 2 drivers licences, and our car keys in my SPI Belt. You wouldn’t even know, right?! Plus, the belt part is really comfortable and the elastic makes it never move. Here’s me and my SPI Belt (with my Color in Motion shirt) pre-race.

Warming up in the car pre-race. We’re goofy.
Showing off my SPI Belt and Color in Motion shirt!
We kinda look like runners, don’t we?

5. Stretch and get ready to run! 
Mathew and I kind of laughed at the people who looked like they were so serious about the race. The Color in Motion is supposed to be FUN, not “omgosh I have to time myself because I’m a serious runner!” It’s for charity (ours was for the Make a Wish Foundation- Dallas) and meant to just be a general good time. However, it’s still good to follow tips from “serious runners’ and stretch before the race. Like I said, it was in the 30’s and my muscles were getting pretty tight from me just standing around and waiting for the race to start. I decided to get a good stretch in and do a little dancing to the AWESOME music that the folks from Color in Motion had on. Honestly, I couldn’t get enough of the fun music like Katy Perry and Rihanna. It was the perfect way to pump me up and get my muscles warmed up for the race.

We had to put a little color pre-race!

6. RUN and have FUN.

The run was SO much fun and Mathew and I had a blast running through each color station. I saw a lot of people walking the race, and I even walked a little of it, but you HAVE to run through each station. It makes the race that much more fun. My SPI Belt got a little bit dirty (ok, that’s an understatement) during the race, but it kept my phone nice and clean so I was happy.

A few color stations in…
After the blue color station
I look like a mess!
The ferris wheel at Fair Park.

7. Celebrate your victory.

When you hit the finish line, make sure you take some pictures! The Color in Motion 5k is crazy fun and you look like a MESS by the end of it. It’s so fun to see the transformation from wearing white to looking like you got hit with a rainbow.

When you ask someone to take a post-race
pic of you, make sure they take 2. My eyes
are closed!

8. Party it up with your color!

After the finish line, Color in Motion had several sponsors that brought goodies like energy drinks, coconut water, and more. Bask in the awesomeness that are free goodies, and then bust out your color packets! They do big color tosses every few minutes so everyone gets a chance to participate, and let me tell you, they’re a blast! I took several pictures and got this fun video for y’all. Yep- I’m a nerd and tried to get myself in the video. Hey- that’s what you do when you’re a blogger.

Get color schwasted!
Talk about messy but fun!
My evil pic after throwing green powder in
Mathew’s mouth haha
We may have had a liiiiiittle too much fun 😉 Ps- look at how
dirty my SPI Belt is! Yikes!



I want to thank Color in Motion for giving me such a fun opportunity to participate in their run. I had the BEST time. I also want to thank SPI Belt for letting me test out their belt for this run. I can’t wait to use it for our next run in the future (and of course, while I work out!)

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