It’s been a couple of days since my last post because I got incredibly sick Thursday night until last night. The inability to keep any solids down was HORRIBLE and it was the most miserable 24 hours of my life. I’m still recovering, now just with a headache that won’t stop pounding and a neck that is completely sore, but I’ll be better soon I’m sure.

I’ve gotten alot of wedding progress done today. My sister Arlene gave me adorable ceramic letter dishes for Christmas (an “M” for Mathew and an “S” for Stephanie). She also ordered an “&”, but they were out of stock. She emailed me today to let me know it was back in stock and would be here soon! I’m so excited! We plan on having a candy bar at our reception as our guest favors, so these dishes will look really cute filled with some candies (along with all of our other vases that will be filled).

Also, we officially booked when my first two wedding showers will be. I’ll be having a lingerie shower on July 23rd, and then a bridal shower August 6. I know my wedding isn’t until December, but apparently alot of people want to throw me a shower (which I’m definitely not opposed to), so we have to space them out about once a month. I’m really excited, and I know they’re going to be lots of fun.

As well as figuring out when the showers will be, I picked out bridesmaid shoes! I think they’re so adorable AND they have memory foam in the sole, so they’ll be comfy for the girls all day long. I’m happy 🙂

On a sad note, as I was compiling a page of all my bridesmaid and house party addresses, emails, and phone numbers, I got a text from one member of our house party who won’t be able to participate anymore. She’s moving in May and starting grad school in August, and feels she will be really busy, so she can’t help anymore. I’m a little sad, but I completely understand. At least it’s really far in advance…right?

Oh! I got my diamond keychain today! I put all my keys on it and it looks great! I can’t wait to actually use my keys tomorrow.

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