My shower was 1 week ago and I’m still so happy from it. You gals all know how nervous I was about the shower and let me tell you…I had nothing to worry about. Y’all knew I had nothing to worry about, but hey, I’m a typical type A bride. I had to find out for myself! 😉

In any case, the morning of the shower started out crazy. I showered and straightened my hair in record time (it usually takes me an hour but this time it took about 35 mins!) and attempted to put on my Spanx and makeup before my MOH Sarah came to the house. My mom was even really sweet and made some breakfast which I was really thankful for. By the time I got done eating and getting ready, Sarah got to the house and I was frantic. I started thrusting stuff at her left and right (“Can you hold my lipstick and gloss? I’m not taking a purse.” “Hey can you get that frame downstairs, trim the picture to size, and put it in the frame?” “Oh and can you grab the bag with the laptop and guestbook?”…). Poor Sarah! She really did a great job for me though and got me to calm down and just breathe so we wouldn’t forget anything to take to the shower. I think we’ll definitely be more prepared for the next shower and not be so frantic.

Anyway, we all drove and picked up my Aunt and headed to Gloria’s house (Gloria is my cousin’s mother in law). Gloria and her daughter Clarissa (my cousin Mark’s wife) wanted to throw me this shower and I was so excited to get to the house. Once we arrived, I was overwhelmed with the cute decorations:

I always wanted a doll cake!

Isn’t the guest book table pretty?

There were more decorations, but I don’t have any pictures of them (though these are only one set. I have 2 other people that furiously took pictures. I need to get those). I loved it though!

While waiting for everyone to arrive, Gloria pulled me aside and asked me to greet my guests at the door. She also gave me a little pin which I love (and one for my mom and Mathew’s mom):

Here’s my pin (of course)

Here’s Momma Julie’s pin. Don’t have one of my mom’s on this camera, but I will try to get one!

Here’s a stack of just a few of the presents awaiting my fingers to open before all the guests came (crazy to say, there were way more!):

Then it was time to take pictures before every guest got there (and let me tell you, I got tired of smiling!):

FSIL Kristin, me (which..idk why my smile looks stupid), and my sister Heather

MOH Sarah and myself. We’ve been BFFs since 2nd grade! That’s 18 years!

Me and my mom 🙂 Isn’t she cute?

My smile is reaaaally fading here. I had about 4 cameras on me taking multiple pictures. This is of Gloria, me, and Clarissa. They were amazing hostesses!

This picture is probably my most favorite of the day. Me and my Aunt Dodie. She’s so crazy (in a good way)!

After taking a billion pictures (which, I have to admit, it was really weird being the center of attention), we finally sat down to play some shower games. Let me tell you, you don’t wanna miss the next post with the games 😉

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