My last post in this retreat is my favorite.

It is the Sunday morning at the retreat, and we’ve all just gotten up and eaten breakfast. We realized at breakfast how lucky we were to have such great new friends and we all traded phone numbers around the breakfast table. After breakfast we all headed to worship and had a great time.

Worship was interesting. There were a lot of songs sung that I didn’t know the words to (and the powerpoint was having problems) so of course I pretended to mouth them. I was embarrassed that I didn’t know that words, but I know many church songs and they were just some that I guess were somewhat new. In any case, halfway through our worship, we got the powerpoint to work, and I was able to actually sing.

After singing songs, we were asked to provide Bible verses that we thought would pertain to us all in our almost-married stage in life. Mathew was one person who provided a verse, and I almost teared up at how special I thought it was. Thing is…it was just the beginning.

We all were asked to pair off and have a small Bible time with our fiance’s. Mathew and I sat in our chairs, put our foreheads together, held hands, and Mathew prayed for our engagement and marriage. It was so special to me that I cried and so did he. It was the first time that we’d really ever prayed SOLELY about our future marriage. It was the best experience of the whole time…and I loved it.

We left the retreat with so much information and happiness. I was so happy we went.

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