Boudoir. It’s one of those things you either hear about from brides trying to be “creative” and get their man something for their wedding day gift, or someone unsure of what to get their man for Valentine’s Day.

Sexy boudoir, not trashy via Katch Studios

I’ve been thinking about boudoir photos since our wedding, just because to ME it’s sexy, not trashy. Once I found something different to get Mathew for our wedding, though, the idea kind of left my mind. Crazily, Sar asked me yesterday if I’d ever done a shoot because she saw that I had pinned some boudoir photos from The Knotty Bride forever ago. I told her I hadn’t, and she offered to take some!

Y’all know how much I love Sar’s photo skills, I mean, she did our fall photoshoot, Christmas cards, and even took some fab pics in Austin last weekend (Yeah that last one of me and Jenn? Totally Sar!) Anyway, I”m taking the plunge this weekend and taking pictures for Mathew’s valentine’s gift! I hope he likes it and that I can look good enough!

So here’s my thing: what is your take on boudoir? Sexy? Trashy? Where’s your favorite place to buy decent-priced lingerie?

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