I’ve come to the realization that I love this whole “housewife” thing and this whole “we have a schedule” thing.

Every day we wake up, get ready for work, grab breakfast in the kitchen, and head off. Mathew works all day while I have work/school, and we both get off at 6. We get home relatively at the same time and I cook dinner while he relaxes (I love to cook- it’s relaxing for me) and eat dinner. After dinner, we rest and watch tv until about 9, and then head to the gym (btw, I’ve lost over 9 lbs with myfitnesspal!). After the gym, it’s relax for about 30 mins, shower, and head to bed.

I love our routine, but it hasn’t exactly left me time for blogging. I also haven’t had time to go out and buy our external CD drive for my laptop, so I haven’t even seen my wedding pictures.


My uncle Pete is AMAZING and takes photos for fun (he’s REALLY good). He had originally offered to take photos for the wedding, but I wanted him to enjoy it. Still, he brought his camera (and I’m so happy I did)! Uncle Pete sent me a few pictures that he took so I’m not going to do recaps just yet. I’m going to give you all a sneak peek into our day with some of the pictures Uncle Pete took.

Without further ado:

So I love and hate this picture. I love it because it’s right after we’ve been pronounced husband and wife and are about to walk down the aisle, but I hate it because my arms look so huge. Boo!

Half of my family that came for the wedding. Yeah, there were so many that Uncle Pete didn’t get the half that were standing on Mathew’s side!

Mathew’s family! (and now they’re mine too!)

This was taken (I think) pretty close after we got in our reception. I love this picture! We are so happy!

I have to say this picture is one of my favorites. I was CLEARLY playing around while dancing and Uncle Pete snapped this one. It’s hilarious!

Obviously here is one of our cake eating pictures. He’s so cute 😉

So that’s not all the pictures that Uncle Pete sent, but I don’t want to spoil it for when it’s time for recaps. Hopefully we’ll get out CD drive soon! I really want to show you all the rest!

Also, if you’re keeping up with Pearl, we get her in TEN DAYS and I am excited to say that I have more pictures of her! Here’s one of my new favorites:


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