Mathew and I are traditionalists at heart, but we always love to mix up the traditional at times. We’re doing a lot of things to mix up the traditional (like a December wedding that doesn’t have green and red in the color scheme), and definitely not taking regular wedding party pictures where everyone is just standing at the church.

However, one thing that we really have decided to keep traditional–no first look pictures.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE LOVE looking at everyone’s first looks. There are gorgeous ones like:

but we’ve decided it isn’t for us. I really want him to see me first when we go down the aisle. I first saw this picture when a girl I know from church got married a couple years ago. I thought it was REALLY cute and was a perfect idea for a before the wedding picture with my groomie.

I think doing a picture similar to this (but maybe the corner of the building?) would be REALLY cute and a fun way to take a picture with him before the wedding without him actually seeing me. I’ve also seen pictures where the bride and groom are praying before their ceremony (they’re holding hands and the bride is in her bridal suite and the groom is outside the door). I found a different cute picture the other day (and I’m stupid for not saving it) of a bride on one side of a door, and the groom on the other and they’re kissing the door. It was SUCH a cute pre-wedding picture!

Ok, so what’s your take on the first look? Yay or nay? Why?

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