Welcome to week 6 of Pinspired Style! I’m always so excited when y’all join us on this fun link up. Hope you enjoy yourself, and please spread the word for next week! 


If you don’t already know, Pinspired Style basically goes like this:
Choose an outfit that you’ve pinned and recreate it during the week. Take a few pictures, and write up a blog post with the photo of the original pin/outfit (with a link to where it came from so you can credit the original person) as well as pictures of your outfit! Then, come link up with us every Tuesday! If you’re not participating this week, we hope you’ll join us next week.  
Now usually I pin an outfit on Pinterest and then show y’all my version, but today is different because this weekend, Laura and I actually MET in person for the first time! Since Laura and I both host Pinspired Style, I have to admit- I was pretty much throwing stuff left and right in my closet trying to find cute stuff to take on my trip this weekend. I mean, how can you host a fashion link up and then NOT look good when you meet your friend?! It’s impossible. 
Laura and I booked the same hotel this weekend, and I wasn’t feeling good right before she got to the hotel. We’d done the Color in Motion 5k earlier and gone out for lunch at Northpark Mall, and I had a splitting headache. Luckily, I’d taken Ibuprofen and my headache was almost completely gone by the time I got her text that said they’d settled in their room. 
Is it funny to admit that I was nervous!? 
I brushed my hair (I’d been napping to get rid of my headache), brushed my teeth, smoothed out my clothes, and even threw on a little more mascara and lipstick. Uh….was this a date?! No, not technically, but I take my blates (blogger dates) pretty seriously. 
Mathew and I went to their room a couple floors above us and she opened the door. We chatted, exchanged gift bags we’d brought for each other, and decided it might be fun to head out to the mall to kill some time and hang out before dinner. 
We stumbled upon one of the cutest Santa’s I’d ever seen while at the Galleria Mall in Dallas, and I felt compelled to take a picture with him. He was just too adorable not to. 
Laura, Santa, and me!
Top & Necklace: Forever 21, Jeggings and Boots: Kohls
Then, we saw this HUGE tree in the middle of the Galleria ice skating rink. You know, I’ve never skated at that Galleria. I’ve been to the one in Houston and skated, but not this one. I think Mathew and I need to go again sometime so we can go ice skating. Of course, Laura and I had to take pics of each other with the guys, so here’s ours:
Mathew and I at the Galleria in Dallas
After mostly browsing through the mall (I did manage to buy one top at H&M), I had the not-so-brilliant idea to eat out at The Magic Time Machine for dinner. First off, 1) who knew that place was mainly for kids, and 2) Why is there a freaking 2 hour wait for a table on a Saturday night!? (and a 1 hour wait just to get your buzzer?!) Let’s just say, my idea failed, and we ended up at  BJs where we met up with some friends of Laura and David’s. They were super sweet and at the end of the night we got a group pic taken by our waiter. I hate asking people to take pictures because they NEVER do the job right, which is evident in the fact that Mathew’s eyes are closed in this picture. *sigh*
The group at the end of a long day
We called it a night and talked about meeting up for breakfast. Mathew and I were exhausted from our long day,  but I wanted to make sure we got as much time in as possible with Laura and David since that was one of my main reasons for coming to Dallas that weekend (the run was a perk and just so happened to be on that day). Mathew and I knocked out pretty fast and went to meet everyone for breakfast at Cafe Brazil. 
If you’ve never eaten at Cafe Brazil in Dallas, it’s a must. Especially the one off Belt Line Road. It’s delicious. Anyway, we scarfed down our food since Laura and David were going to church with their friends and we were all running late, and made sure we got a picture of the 4 of us. Ugh- don’t mind my hair. It was early. 
Mathew, Me, Laura, and David
Undershirt: Kiki La Rue, Chambray: JC Penny, Scarf: Kiki La Rue,
Jeggings: Kohls
It was SO good meeting Laura and David. I’m so glad to have made friends in them online and now in person. I’d love to have another chance again to spend with them, and maybe I’ll get to sometime soon again. If you don’t go on blates, I definitely say do it. You never know how much fun you’ll have! 
Now it’s your turn to link up! 
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