This week has been pretty busy, so today I’m linking up for “It’s Ok” Thursdays with Neely. Most of y’all know the drill, so here goes..

It’s Ok….
  • To have 2 posts in drafts for this week and not have them finished.
  • To not link up with my fave people Kelley & Natalia for Copy Cat Closet because all my clothes need to be washed (and I need more time to perfect my braid). 
  • To want more people to join Kristina & my Farewell Summer, Hello Fall Swap
  • To worry about how I’m going to get books for this semester when I have to go to the out of town bookstore at my school’s main campus when I work and have class full time starting on Monday. 
  • To not have blog sponsors for September (Just have to remind myself the blog is still small!)
  • To still not have written out thank you cards from my December wedding (hey- I technically still have til this December lol).
  • To be on twitter more than facebook or blogger.
  • To be mad at my professor from the summer who gave me a D when it was supposed to be an A and STILL hasn’t put the grade change form in.
  • To want mango margaritas as much as possible before “margarita season” ends. 
  • To wish I had more money right now to send Laura a bottle of my favorite moscato!
  • To be embarrassed of my dog that looks like a rat now that she’s been to the groomer. 
  • To already want a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks

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