Mathew and I have pretty busy weeks. He gets up at 5 am, gets dressed, and leaves the house before I even open my eyes to get ready for work at 6:30. We’re gone all day, get home, eat dinner, watch a little tv, head to bed, and then the cycle starts all over again the next day.

Our weeks seem to fly by (yet go slowly- how does this happen?!) and it makes me want to cram as much time with him on the weekends as possible. I’m usually down for the Waco Downtown Farmer’s Market to eat crepes at my friend Courtney’s place, Co-Town Crepes, or hitting up the Marketplace, our outdoor “mall”- if you want to call it that. Somehow our weekends always lead to a little bit of shopping, whether it’s for us or the apartment.

This weekend consisted of us pretty much running errands (even a fun one with Austin for mani/pedis!) and then having a spontaneous photo session at a church pumpkin patch with Sar and finally getting to meet the adorable Karenna. It’s amazing how awesome these gals are and how funny that I’d never met them prior to blogging, even though Waco is such a small town. Right now Sar is editing my pictures, but I’ll be sure to show you them all later this week! Here’s a funny one though, just to keep y’all wanting more.

property of photography by sarah lake
We look good, right?!

After our photoshoot, we hit up Olive Garden for a “hot date” since we were dressed cute, and before we went to dinner, we stopped at the house to drop off Pearl. I took some Benadryl because the hay from the pumpkin patch kept making me sneeze, and we headed out. Apparently, I didn’t realize the fact that I shouldn’t be taking medicine and drinking a glass of wine, because right as we finished dinner, I started getting really sleepy. We had to stop by my in laws house because Kristin brought the car for us to borrow, and I literally said hi and then fell asleep on their couch for an hour and a half. Oops! Let’s just say I won’t be doing that again!

Mathew has been hinting this weekend that he’s planning our anniversary weekend. Since this year was a leap year, it’s unfortunate that our anniversary hits on a Monday this year, but we’ll at least get the weekend to celebrate it. He says we’re going to Austin, and I’m pretty excited. I’m baffled at the fact, though, that our anniversary is a month and a couple days away. On one hand, it feels like we’ve been married just a month or two ago, but on the other hand, it feels like it’s been years. I love it.

Speaking of Austin, I made plans to go to a blogger brunch in Austin for this coming Saturday. I’m really excited about it, but this just further proves that I need to get bloggy business cards made. I’ve got mock ups in my head (and on a few post-its), so I’m going tomorrow to get them all made up since my professor isn’t having class tomorrow. I’m excited to have my own business cards! I’ll let you all know next week how the blogger brunch goes, and if you’re near Austin, let me know and I’ll give you the deets.

Another thing we’ve done this weekend is continue our marathon of Pretty Little Liars! Y’all- I’m obsessed.

This show totally rocks my world, and now I know why my sister was bugging me for months to watch it. I have been wanting to watch it, but from the very beginning. It’s all Neely’s fault, because when I went to visit her the other weekend, we watched tons of shows on Netflix, and once I told Mathew, he had to have it. So, we’re Netflixing PLL to death and are on Season 2. I’m telling y’all- I don’t know how I lived without this show. Plus, can their style BE any cuter?! This show is about how “scary” as I like, so it gets me in the Halloween mood, especially since I’m not dressing up this year.

Anyway, that’s my weekend- what did y’all do? Anything fun? Halloween party? Or did you stay at home and chill?

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