Well you guys, I’m so lucky today because my boss told me this morning I only have to work 5 hours today! I’ve been working SO much that I have to take time off so I don’t have too much overtime. Yippee!

So what am I doing this morning? Oh you know…the usual- laying on the couch with my laptop and watching Food Network! Ahh it’s lovely.

ANYWAY, so I’ve been stressing a lot about our RSVPs. I know it’s still really early to, but with only 57 out of 326 people accepting and 27 not accepting we still need a LOT of RSVPs. That leaves 242 people that still need to respond. We sent out our invitations 2 weeks ago but I assumed we’d have more responses by now.

Wondering what our guests’ hold up is? I think I have an idea:

Yup, there’s a Baylor game the same day as our wedding. Not only that, but they’re playing against UT! Now I’m not a big college football fan (the 2 colleges I’ve been to don’t have football teams, only basketball) so I don’t “get” the hype, but we live in a college town and I can’t deny that.

Many of our guests have season passes for the Baylor games and therefore want to go to the last game of the season against UT. Not only that, but the game time won’t be announced until WAY close to the game (it’s either at 2 pm or at 7 pm). Either way it interferes with our wedding. Some guests may miss the ceremony, some may miss the reception, and I think many will miss both (unfortunately).

So why would we plan our wedding on a game day?

Yup you wouldn’t catch me doing this!

Actually, it wasn’t our fault. Two weeks after Mathew and I got engaged (which was July 2010 and WAY before the Baylor schedule came out) we made the decision to have our wedding on December 3rd. Baylor didn’t have too great of football last year and were already done with their season so we figured it’d be the same this year. Also, we had to figure when I was having finals, when we’d be able to go on our honeymoon, when Christmas was, as well as if our wedding date was different than the day that Mathew’s cousin, Jessica, was graduating with her Masters (her mom is the decorator for the wedding so obviously we needed to work around that). Our wedding is also a popular day in Waco this year because there’s a Free Mason Society Convention that weekend, as well as a teacher’s conference, and 4 other weddings (that we know of).

Needless to say, December is a hard month to have a wedding because there are only so many weekends to choose from, but we’re staying positive. I’m trying not to freak out on our lack of RSVPs but I can’t help but know that everyone is waiting for Baylor to release the time of the game. I hope more people love us enough to miss a football game. Our wedding is only going to be once.

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