to send out invitations, that is!

I’m nervous, to say the least. I’m not sure why I’m nervous. Will we get too many “yes” RSVPs? Will we get too many “no” RSVPs? Will people even RSVP at all!?

Of course, these are crazy thoughts and I’m sure everything will go just fine. I can’t help but be nervous though! We’ve spent SO much time making sure we have the PERFECT invitations (a little vintage, a little modern- like us), saving ALL the money for them (and the stinkin’ postage), and putting them all together…I just want it all to go smoothly!

I think also the fact that this engagement has been so long really is playing a large factor in my nervousness as well. By the end of it all, we’ll have had a 17 month engagement. It’s long (to say the least), and checking off stuff that had to be put off until things got closer is SUCH a big deal to us.

I’m really excited though for everyone to get their invitations already so I can show you all. I know HiLLjO wanted me to post about the stamps we used, and I really want to get into all the little details that went into our invitations. An invitation post will DEFINITELY be coming up next week once I know people have started getting their invitations!

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