I’ve mentioned my love of receiving packages in the mail before..right? Because, I do! Today was an ok day, and I came home to find I had a package that had arrived. I hadn’t bought anything on Etsy and I kept racking my brain as to what the package could possibly be. I decided I needed to be patient and check the regular mail first, so I did, and found a green envelope with this inside (well mine didn’t have the registry stuff, but Mathew’s mom’s invite did):

Ok please tell me, how wonderful is BM Monica?! She MADE these for the shower my Aunt Gloria is throwing! The pattern on the side of the invitation is scalloped out (from what I’m assuming is a punch) with the colored paper behind the white. It’s SO pretty and it definitely got me SO excited! She did amazing.

This is where it gets even better. I couldn’t control myself any longer and I had to open the package. Whose handwriting did I recognize on the outside of the package? Well, BM Monica’s! (She’s so sneaky!) I ripped it open (hey, it was like Christmas for me today) and saw this:

Hmm, I wonder what it could be? Should we open further? I think…YES!

Ooh what is this?! Do I see a note? Well, don’t mind if I do!

You guys, she seriously knows me! Who else would incorporate my wedding colors AND vintage/modern style!?

The packaging that Monica did was SO pretty. (Though, I did untie the bow as fast as possible and had to recreate my opening because I was THAT excited)

The words “OH MY GOSH” do not even describe my excitement. She MADE these. Herself. For me. And they’re PERFECT! Look at the amazing details of the scallops on the edges that perfectly match the invitations and the colors that perfectly match the wedding colors, and not to mention the GORGEOUS font. I have a “thing” for typography, and that font is just gorgeous! Plus..hello!!! They say my new last name that I’ll have in a mere 5.5 months!

In addition to the gorgeous note cards and thank you cards, Monica sent matching envelopes. She even took the time to create envelope liners! You can’t get craftier than that. I have considered trying to attempt liners, and now I know how much of a difference they make. They complete the whole package!

All in all, I don’t know how to thank her enough. THANK YOU MONICA! I REALLY REALLY LOVE THEM! I am so happy and excited and can’t believe that she would take the time out of her incredibly busy schedule to make something for me. I can’t wait to use them!

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