The Vintage Modern Wife-

Lately, I’ve been in that tousled, wavy hair look. My idol, Jessica Simpson, has really perfected this look, and I’d always wanted to know her secrets. Of course, you can sometimes find Jess wearing HairDo by Hair U Wear extensions, but I’m pretty sure right now, her hair is naturally this long.

Jessica Simpson with her classic wavy look

 So how the waves? I was determined to figure it out. Also, for your enjoyment, I thought I’d make a tutorial! I’ve never done a hair tutorial before, so I was a little worried. I almost did a vlog for you guys but then I thought, “Um, who’s gonna hold the camera?!” Sometimes, I’m a crayon short of a 100 box if ya know what I mean.

Without further ado: The Date Night Wavy Hair tutorial

You’ll need the following supplies:
2 hair clips
a blow dryer
flat iron
curling iron (1″ barrel)

The Vintage Modern Wife-
1. Wash and condition your hair as usual, and blow it dry. It doesn’t have to look pretty. Mine pretty much looked like a lion mane. 
2. Use your clips to separate your hair and flat iron your hair straight. (You may skip this step if you already have straight hair)
3. Get your curling iron as hot as you can (you know what your hair can tolerate). While it is heating, part your hair the way you normally would and clip up one side of your hair. On the other side, clip up all but the bottom third of your hair (see pic 1)
4. Take your curling iron and face it straight down. You will NOT be using the clamp for this. (see pic 2)
5. Grab a small 2 inch section of your hair and wrap it (facing away from your face) around the barrel. Make sure you DO NOT use the clamp, and just wrap around the clamp. Keep note that your curling iron should still be facing downward. Count for 10 seconds, and then let go. (see pics 3 and 4)
6. Curl your entire head. I divided my hair into small sections and did each section. Lower third, middle third, top section. Then I repeated on the other side of my head. 
7. Once hair is completely curled, hairspray your hair LIGHTLY and then spread the curls with your fingers. (see pic 5)
8. Give one final spray with your hairspray and then you’re left with sexy date night waves just like Jessica and I!  

I hope this tutorial has helped you and let me know if you’ve tried it! I’d love to read your comments on how it worked, your pictures after it was done, and I’d love to know if you’ve pinned this, too.

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