The Bday Bash Continues! (hair bow hair dos, fun friends, and amazing gifts!)

I can’t help it. When it’s my birthday, I like to make a big deal about it. Tonight, was no exception. Dinner with friends at Baris? So great!

I have to admit, I had an outfit in mind for tonight, and was totally upset when it didn’t work out. Ever had that favorite dress not fit? Yep- that was me. I wore a beautiful teal dress for my lingerie shower  (which btw, looking at those pictures- I look so fat and that was exactly a year ago!) and I tried that dress on today, and it was HUGE on me. I’m talking, way too big on the hips, too baggy up top…just in general I looked goofy wearing it.

I ended up going with this outfit for the night- a dress my aunt gave me for our honeymoon (which fits me MUCH better now), a sweater, and some cowboy boots.

Then, I saw this AMAZING tutorial that I found on (where else?) pinterest and decided my hair HAD to be done like this for the night. If you click the link, it takes you to a blog called “Hair and Makeup by Steph” and gives you step by step instructions on the hair bow hair do. My result?

Not too shabby, right? I really like the way it turned out (though I think it’d be even cuter if I curled my hair just a bit.) Stephanie’s tutorial was really easy and I was able to do my hair with one attempt! Usually these Pinterest hair dos are a bust for me because I can’t ever figure out how to mirror the other person. This was so simple and took me about 2 minutes!

So Mathew and I headed out the door after I finished my hair, and went to Baris. I wasn’t able to get a picture of us at the restaurant, but I got one later (minus two of our friends that had to go home a little early) at 3 Spoons, a froyo place.

My lovely friends were so kind to get me some gifts tonight. I got a 3 tiered pad a paper for notes (which I can always use), a gift card to Hobby Lobby for crafting (yippee!), nail polish (in a beautiful color), and a bracelet. \Tonight was great. It was so good to have so many friends all in one place!

Oh! Just to add in too- I got a package from my sister with these goodies today! A healthy cooking cookbook, hello kitty cookie cutters, and this adorable keychain that my sister made with a picture of Pearl in it! Isn’t it cute?

I have to say… I’ve been really blessed lately 🙂

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  1. LOVE that bow in your hair – how cool!! happy birthday celebrating! : )

  2. Love it. Love the outfit and the hair!!!

  3. I think it’s awesome that you’re still celebrating! Love the hair bow!

  4. Using this tutorial to do my hair like this on Sunday for our engagement photos!

  5. That dress looks so cute on you!!! Maybe you could have your other dress taken in… it would be worth it if you love it that much!!

  6. Ahhhh your hair is SO amazing! I love it! Your boots are super cute too 🙂

  7. That hair bow looks so cute! I could never do it because I always cut my hair short, but I love seeing them on other people!