I”m not gonna lie, I’m getting a bit tired of ole T-Swizzle and her relationships. My favorite relationship though, the one that I wish would get back together? Nick and Jessica. But the sad thing is- they are never ever ever getting back together.

Nick and Jessica- source

Don’t get me wrong- I am glad they’re both happy in the relationships they have now (especially Jess and Eric) but they were always my favorite couple. Oh ps- I’ve totally gotten this haircut 3 times and brought this picture in multiple times when trying to get my hair dyed.

Anyway, it’s the  6th week of Never Ever Ever! Thank you so much for participating- and if you can’t participate today, we hope you’ll join us next week!
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I Never Ever Ever….

– will say that I hate fresh basil anymore. The smell is really strong and I can’t really stand it, but I tried Gina’s (from Skinnytaste) Pesto Chicken and Tomato Kabobs yesterday for dinner and they were AMAZING. I think it helped that there was tons of cheese in the pesto hehe.

Pesto Chicken and Tomato Kabobs
Pesto Chicken and Tomato Kabobs

– want to fall off this healthy eating and living wagon. I LOST weight when I weighed myself on the 5th of July (I’ve ALWAYS gained weight after a holiday) and I even was forced to eat out twice in one day this past Saturday and I made super healthy choices (and lost more weight again). I’m down a smidge under 3 lbs in just 1 week of being serious, so I’m really happy. Plus I’ve been working out a lot lately!

Sweat is fat crying

– will be afraid of guns anymore. Our awesome friend Adam teaches a concealed handgun course pretty much every weekend, and is also a police officer in town. He took Mathew and I (as well as our friend, Jacob) to his gun range for us to shoot. I’d shot a gun twice before in my life- once when I was a teen and my dad let me try, and another time this past Easter (and I have no idea what my bullet even hit).

Adam was awesome and gave me a private lesson on the parts of the gun and the mechanics, as well as the parts of ammunition. He taught me gun safety, how to load my gun, and how to shoot a target. I am not afraid of guns anymore because I’m educated on them. I get how they work and how I can make double and triple sure that it won’t go off unless I pull a trigger. This was a HUGE step for me.

my target

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