Talk about Mastercraft being fast! As you all know, I dropped off my wedding and engagement rings on Monday to get resized. I had been told that they’d be able to do them, but it’d take 1-2 weeks, and after a little chatting up with the owner, I was told they would TRY to squeeze me in before Friday.

Well, my persistence paid off! Tuesday afternoon while I was at work I got a call from Mastercraft saying that my rings were resized and ready! Boy was that fast! I’m happy to say that my finger didn’t need to be naked for long, and I even got a small consolation for it having to be naked for a day.

When I picked up the rings, I realized I didn’t have the box with me for the wedding band. He gave me a clear plastic bag for my ring, but it was so tiny that I was scared it’d fall out of my purse if I took my keys out or something. I took it upon myself to wear it solely for the purpose of its protection (and my excitement). I know it’s supposed to be bad luck, but honestly, would YOU leave your ring in your purse? I was glad I hadn’t put it in my purse too, because later in the day when I was taking my keys out of my purse…the little (empty) baggy came out!

I was a good girl though, and when I came home from work at the end of the day, I put my ring back in its box and into the safe where it belongs. It was nice wearing it while it lasted though!

On a different note, I had an ODD dream last night. Call it…a wedding nightmare *dun dun duuuun!* I dreamt that I had forgotten my shoes, and when they finally got to me, I was pushed down the aisle and barely saw Mathew through the crowd of people. Then, the minister officiated the wedding BEFORE I even got to the middle of the aisle, there was NO kiss, and we left the church. Then after the church, I had realized that we’d been taking pictures and I was wearing red underwear that was SEE THROUGH my dress because I forgot to put on my crinoline petticoat!

Ladies, it was NOT a good dream. Luckily it wasn’t real and I was able to happily awake and realize we still have 8 months til our wedding. *sigh of relief*

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