Lately I’ve been having all kinds of nightmares about the wedding. I mean, nothing where I’m waking up in sweats, but just these dreams where everything about my wedding is all wrong.

Last night, I had another one of these dreams (the second this week) where I forgot my veil and shoes and various other wedding items to the ceremony. It was awful! To boot, my hair wasn’t done, I had to run around the church (and the rainy parking lot) to get people to grab my stuff, and things were still missing.
Needless to say, it definitely made me think about the big day. As of right now, everything for the ceremony (ring bearer pillows, guestbook, veil, sash for my hair, etc) are in two big boxes at the top of my closet, but now I’m terrified that I really WILL forget something even though our wedding isn’t until December 3!
For all the other brides reading this, have you had any nightmares about mishaps at your wedding? If so, share! I’d love to hear them and know that I’m not the only one!

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