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Trying to choose the best family dog? These tips are so helpful and really help narrow it down!

When Mathew and I first got married we were so excited to have a puppy of our very own. 2 months after our wedding, we brought our Maltipoo puppy, Pearl, home on Valentine’s weekend. Pearl has been a fun addition to our family, but always seemed like more of a cat than a dog. She likes to be left alone, only wants love when she wants it, and sits on top of the couch. Years ago, I actually wrote a fun piece on potty training your puppy and it’s got some great tips and pictures of Pearl!

A few years later, Mathew and I had Addie, and were about to celebrate her third birthday. A sweet friend of mine was fostering a dog and was looking for a home for her. Immediately I knew she needed to live with us. So we adopted Winky the Shihtzu-Poodle mix, who has been our “one-eyed wonder” ever since. She’s been a fierce protector of Addie, has been known to be protective of the house when the mail carrier has brought packages, and she’s just a cuddly chonk. Two weeks after adopting Winky, we found out we were going to be having a baby and that next Spring, Lawson was born.

Lawson is almost 3 now, and we had discussed getting a big dog for nearly a year. Timing was never right but we decided to look into what made a good family dog, and ultimately decided on a Sheepadoodle. After almost an entire year of research and planning, we picked up our puppy, Ahsoka from Faith, Love, and Doodles in Godley, Texas. 

Trying to choose the best family dog? These tips are so helpful and really help narrow it down!

Every family is different, but when you’re thinking about getting a good family dog, these questions will be so helpful.

What Is a Good Size for a Family Dog?

One of the best ways to narrow down your path to choosing a family dog is to determine what size dog will best suit your home. Do you want a small lap dog? Do you want a large dog to lay at your feet? Do you have a large backyard or do you live in an apartment? Are you in good shape to carry a large dog if needed? Or is a smaller dog better?

Mathew and I lived in an apartment when we were first married, so our small Maltipoo was perfect. Now, we have a decent sized home with a sizeable yard and a nice neighborhood with lots of places to walk. It was just one question that narrowed us down to getting a Sheepadoodle

Trying to choose the best family dog? These tips are so helpful and really help narrow it down!

What Qualities Would You Like Your New Dog to Have?

Narrowing down the qualities of your new family dog is very important. Our family had certain qualifications- we wanted a fluffy dog, good temperament, easy-going or laid-back, friendly with kids, and because of Addie’s medical needs, the dog couldn’t shed. When researching Sheepadoodles, we found that all of these things checked our boxes. What was even more reassuring was that Faith, Love, and Doodles insisted that once it was time to choose our puppy, we needed to meet all of them to really make sure we chose one with the temperament that matched our familys’ needs.

Can You Afford It?

Another great question to ask yourself is if you can afford your upcoming family dog. Dogs range from free to thousands of dollars, but beyond the cost of the dog itself, food, vitamins, vet appointments, and grooming are all important things to be considered. Puppies are a big responsibility, and being a good dog parent means you are considering everything before making the leap. 

Where Will You Get Your Family Dog?

As a family that has gone both adoption route and breeder route, I can honestly tell you it all depends on what you’re looking for. At this time in our lives, we went the breeder route and have been so happy. Faith, Love, and Doodles kept us well informed, contacted us regularly with updates, was VERY specific with their criteria and the whole puppy process, made sure to feed the dogs quality food and supplements, and I really appreciated how thorough they were. I’ll be sharing more of the process in another blog post, but it is SO important to know just who you’re buying your dog from. 

Trying to choose the best family dog? These tips are so helpful and really help narrow it down!

In the end, Ahsoka was chosen for our family because she was exactly what we were looking for. She’s been home with us for a week and we couldn’t be happier. She is such a fast learner, a little shy still, but is warming up to us all during this transition. I can’t wait to share more about her and our life as a Sheepadoodle family! I love that we have 3 different kinds of doodle mixes now! If you are considering a Sheepadoodle, I highly recommend chatting with Faith, Love, and Doodles. Our experience has been amazing and I am so impressed at the care they gave our girl before we picked her up.

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