Christmas is right around the corner and shopping is underway. This year I was lucky enough to attend a toy conference virtually and got all the “ins” on all the amazing new and popular toys for the season. It was such a blast and I learned so much! I kept my eyes peeled for those of you that said you needed Christmas gifts for toddlers. These are just a few of my favorites this year. I’ve divided these gifts into stocking stuffers and gifts so it’s a little easier for you to look and shop! 

Looking for the top Christmas gifts for toddlers? These gifts have all been tried and reviewed so you know exactly what is best about them!

Top Stocking Stuffers for Toddlers

1| Brite Brush Baby Shark Toothbrush and Brite Brush Game Brush Toothbrush We are MASSIVE Brite Brush fans in our house. Lawson has been using the Brite Brush Game Brush for several months now and it’s been a game-changer (see what I did there?) for learning to brush his teeth. We even went to the dentist after using it for a couple months and the dentist was so pleased with how his teeth looked! The Baby Shark Brite Brush and the Game Brush have engaging games to keep kids interested while brushing a full 2 minutes. They also have sensors and “score” your child after each brushing. 

2| Oosh Hairy Slime I’ve never met a toddler that didn’t love slime! Lawson pretty much asks to play or make slime daily. This Hairy Slime is a “surprise” slime with hair and toy bugs inside. Definitely a fun sensory experience for kids and allows for motor skills development. My advice is have your toddler play in a booster seat with a tray or over a table covered in parchment paper for less mess and easy clean up. 

3| Melissa and Doug Water Wow Books We have so many of these and I just love them. They’re amazing Christmas gifts for toddlers because they just take water and are totally reusable. I like to keep some Water Wow Books in the car for longer car rides.

4| Crayola Color Wonder Coloring Pages Learning to color is a huge milestone that helps toddlers learn fine motor skills. I don’t let Lawson use regular markers yet, so I love the Crayola Color Wonder Coloring Pages. They make no mess and teach toddlers to color only on paper. There are so many different kinds like Frozen, Daniel Tiger, Baby Shark, Toy Story, Fairytales, and even Paw Patrol. Each set comes with 5 markers and 18 coloring pages.

5| Wet Brush Toddlers are notorious for their beautiful hair getting knotted up while playing hard or sleeping hard. Once our family went to the Wet Brush, we never looked back. Both of our kids (and myself) have a Wet Brush and it is amazing for getting tangles out. If you fight with your toddler to brush their hair, this makes brushing SO much easier. 

Looking for the top Christmas gifts for toddlers? These gifts have all been tried and reviewed so you know exactly what is best about them!

Top Christmas Gifts for Toddlers

1| Baby Shark Dancing DJ I got an awesome preview of this toy during the toy conference I virtually went to earlier this year. The Baby Shark Dancing DJ plays 7 popular songs and remixes including: the Baby Shark Song, Baby Shark Remix, Baby Shark EDM, Baby Shark Official Jauz Remix, Disco Sharks, Shark ABC, and Shark 123. This is one of my top toddler gifts because it teaches music, letters, and counting all while encouraging imagination and gross motor skills.

2| PJ Masks Transforming 2 in 1 Mobile HQ This 3 foot tall set features 5 levels of play and transforms from the PJ Masks Headquarters to the PJ Masks Seeker. This is an incredibly popular toy this year and absolutely why it’s on my top Christmas gifts for toddlers list. Lawson is getting the PJ Masks Transforming 2 in 1 Mobile HQ from Santa and I know he is going to love it! 

3| Blues Clues and You Dance Along Blue Plush Step by step and clue by clue – it’s Blue’s Clues & You! Kids will love to play along with Blue as they dance and sing with the Blue’s Clues & You! Dance-Along Blue Plush. This adorable interactive plush Blue includes Josh’s iconic Handy Dandy Guitar as a controller.

4| Osmo Lawson has been testing his Osmo for the past couple of weeks and absolutely loves it. It’s one of my more obvious favorites of the top Christmas gifts for toddlers because it incorporates STEM. We have the Little Genius Starter Kit and Little Genius Costume game.  You’ll need an iPad or Fire with your Osmo Starter Kit to play. The Little Genius Costume game allows kids to learn colors, matching, comparing, recognition, and more. 

5| Wriggleworms I love the majority of the toys we get to have some kind of learning component to them. Wriggleworms is one of my top Christmas toys for toddlers because it builds fine motor skills, strengthens pencil grip, and teaches colors, numbers, and more. 

6| 1-2-3 Build It Robot STEM is even better when you start them young. The 1-2-3 Build It Robot is a great way to introduce toddlers to being imaginative, early engineering skills, and fine motor skills. It also pairs well with other 1-2-3 Built It sets! I’m excited for Lawson to try it out and appreciate all the STEM components it has.

7| Cocomelon Musical Yellow School Bus Let’s be real- toddlers are obsessed with Cocomelon. The songs are catchy and I somehow always end up singing along. The Cocomelon School Bus comes with a little JJ figurine and sings Lawson’s current favorite song- Wheels on the Bus.  

8| Little Tikes DIY Cozy Coupe Our Cozy Coupe is one of the most used items played with in our home. Lawson loves his traditional coupe, but I couldn’t help but love this DIY Cozy Coupe. It’s so fun and encourages creativity! The Cozy Coupe comes with 2 paintbrushes, 4 bottles of special paint, 8 markers, and a decal sticker sheet. 

9| Nordic Stacking Stones I love a good open-ended toy and that’s why these Nordic Stacking Stones are one of my top Christmas gifts for toddlers. I shared these on Instagram Stories a few weeks ago and the Nordic Stacking Stones are my most purchased item you all have grabbed from my links this season. Crazy! Creative play is so important and I love the spatial reasoning this teaches toddlers. 

10| Play Doh Kits– This was the second most purchased toy that I shared on Instagram Stories this season and for good reason. Play Doh kits are so much fun! There are tons to choose from like Dinosaur, Frozen, Toy Story, Nativity, Ice Cream, Unicorn, and Space themed.

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