Being on one income is HARD. Student teaching has really had our bank account in a bind, and although we still try to do the things we love, it can definitely be difficult. Mathew and I don’t get to go to the movies as much or out to eat like we’d like. When we do, it’s definitely a treat just because we have to be careful with our money.

So how do we keep the luxuries we love while being frugal on our one income?

1. Mathew and I go to weekend matinee movies. If you can hit up a first showing (or some movie theaters even have all the showings before noon or 1 pm) you can get your tickets for cheap. Ours are originally almost $8 but for matinee are about $5. If you feel like splurging a little more for 3D, this is the time to do it. Also, movie theaters in college towns usually have discounts if you show your school I.D. Make sure you don’t forget it if it’s not a matinee!

2. Invite your friends over for a pot luck! A themed out dinner is tons of fun for couples on a budget. Having Mexican night? Have people bring taco stuff, queso and guacamole, and stuff for sopapillas! The cost is so much less because you are only making 1 item. Plus, you get to spend time with your friends.

3. Would you rather have a date night instead? Make it extra special by celebrating a special event with a low-cost but insanely delicious dinner! Mathew and I recently went to BJs Restaurant and Brewhouse to celebrate the fact that he has FINALLY completed all his requirements that will enable him to get a promotion soon! Luckily, BJ’s Restaurant is a 5 minute drive from the house, so we were able to beat the crowd after Mathew got out of work.

BJ's brewhouse caesar Salad
Mathew and I both got caesar salads. I love cheese on my salad, and I’m glad BJ’s doesn’t skimp.

It was affordable for us because right now until April 29th, BJ’s Restaurant is having their Party for Two deal for $19.95. You get a choice of 2 soups/salads, a BJ’s Restaurant medium signature pizza (we recommend deep dish), and BJ”s Restaurant famous pizookie dessert.

You may or may not have seen this on Instagram and I may or may not have been chowing down
You may or may not have seen this on Instagram and I may or may not have been chowing down
bjs brewhouse deep dish pizza
Definitely make sure you get the deep dish!

I’m gonna be honest with you- BJ’s pizza is freaking amazing. I usually love thin crust, but if you go to BJ’s Restaurant, you totally have to try the deep dish. The crust is so buttery and delicious, and I love the sauce to cheese ratio. I hate when there’s too much sauce when you order a pizza. Luckily, BJ’s Restaurant knows how to make amazing pizzas, so no worries there. I always want to eat like half a pizza, but ration it out to two pieces so I can save room for dessert.

Cookies n' cream pizookie all the way
Cookies n’ cream pizookie all the way

The Party for Two ends with an awesome pizookie. It’s like a huge cookie baked into a small cake pan with ice cream and whipped cream on top. We’ve had the original pizookie before and were pretty obsessed, but wanted to try something different this last time we went. We got the Cookies N’ Cream Pizookie and it was AMAZING. I’m for real drooling about it right now!

4. Hit up happy hour! Mathew and I enjoy the occasional margarita, and if we want drinks at a restaurant we make sure to check out restaurants with good happy hours! We even know a place in town that not only does cheap drinks once a week, but they even have appetizers for a good deal so you can snack with friends!

5. Have a shopping date during a holiday weekend! Mathew and I like to shop- him for work ties, and me for cute tops. Shopping all the time isn’t an option on one income BUT when we do, we try to shop on holiday weekends. Holiday weekends are usually the best time to go shopping because of sales. We can  get more for our money and have fun walking around and spending time together! It’s a win-win!

Being on one income but keeping your luxuries can be difficult. It takes taking a little more thought and planning ahead but it’s worth it!

How do you keep the luxuries you love when you’re on a budget? And have you ever tried BJ’s Party for Two or their Pizookies? Sound off in the comments!

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