A while back, I began my “Making Time For…” series and wrote about family. While I’m still working towards my efforts on making time for my extended family, I started thinking about another  thing I need to make time for…


making time for series

At Blissdom, I realized that I’m an ambivert. I’m that person that, when with friends, I can’t go to the bathroom at a restaurant alone. I’m also that person that, from a distance, looks like the life of the party. The truth is though…I CAN be the life of the party- if I know you. If I don’t know you, then I’m likely to hide in my comfort bubble. I’ve talked about this before, but I’ve realized lately how much I do it.

I need to make time for my “connections”. Meaning, the people that I see and maybe are acquaintances with, but should make them more than acquaintances.

Mathew’s work schedule is so weird. Some days he gets off at 7 pm if he works out at the airport, and some days he gets out at 6 pm. For some reason, our Sunday School people always get together at 5 or 6 pm. If I wait for Mathew to get home, make us dinner…there’s just not enough time to go to Sunday School events. It’s completely ruined us and we’ve missed out on some valuable connections. Everyone in Sunday School has become great friends and they hang out multiple times per week. Us? Not so much. I maybe have 2-3 people in the class that I can call “friends” and they’re not the kind that I ask to join me to lunch or anything.

This Sunday I was asked by a couple of my friends to come to the Sunday School Memorial Day social. It was going to be a BBQ but the thing is- Mathew had to work on Memorial Day. I told the girls I didn’t want to go alone but they convinced me. I went to the BBQ…ALONE…and actually had fun. I tried my best to make an effort and chat with everyone and get into conversations. I was uncomfortable because the introvert in me didn’t have my husband by my side, but the more I talked, the extrovert in me came out.

I learned a valuable lesson on Monday- the more connections that I go out of my way to make, the more meaningful connections I’ll make!

I’m going to make it a priority to working on this more. That means replying to comments (I’ve been so bad about it lately, but I SWEAR I read them!), chatting more on Twitter with people I may not know very well, and working hard to make friends within our church.

Have you ever come across this problem? How are you liking the “Making Time For” series?


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