My life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. If you read my Twitter, you know that to be true. I’m selective about what I post online, however, just because 1) I hate drama, 2) I have family that reads my blog (and what’s personal is personal), and 3) I’m a firm believer in the fact that my blog is a BLOG and not a DIARY. There’s a major difference in that.

Lisa Leonard at Blissdom 2013
Lisa Leonard at Blissdom

At Blissdom, Lisa Leonard spoke about how all stories have some kind of “conflict” in them. Trust me, my story has MANY, but I’m not sure if I’m ready to delve into them because of the fact that it’s incredibly personal and to be honest, pretty controversial.

I want to get more comfortable about the conflicts in my life (and our marriage), so for now, I’ve decided I’m comfortable with giving you a few small personal things…

my pet peeves.

I can’t stand…

– people who smack their food. It drives me CRAZY.
-when people put their feet on my coffee table. It has ottomans underneath for a reason!
– slow drivers when I’m already late. MOVE!
– when little kids ask me to tie their shoes. No I do NOT want to touch your shoelaces that have probably touched the dirty bathroom floor.
– that Netflix isn’t up to date on current seasons.  When I finish the show, I want to be able to see the episodes that are going on right now.
– people that are rude to me or my husband…cuz then I’ll hold a grudge for a LONG time.

source: someecards

– when I take my dog out to go potty, stay outside for several minutes, take her inside, and NOW she decides she also has to poop. Not cool Pearl, not cool.

Tell me some of your pet peeves! And am I alone in not wanting to unveil TOO much of my life?

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