Hey everyone! Hope you all had a lovely weekend and a great MLK day. This weekend has been a pretty crazy one to say the least.

Today is my FMIL’s 50th birthday, and since Friday night, we’ve thrown a party for her every day (on some days, even 2 parties!). We’ve done nothing but play host to various friends and family members, and to be honest, I’m pooped now! It was lots of fun and I’m happy to see her so happy, but thankfully, it’s all officially over now. *sigh of relief*

In the midst of all of this, I’ve been dealing with some foot pain on my right foot ever since running so many miles the other day at the gym. Last week I ran so much that I had a blister on the bottom of each foot, and so when we ran the other day, I compensated for it by slightly turning my feet onto their sides (just a little). Well, sure enough, since then I’ve had a hard time walking on that foot, and so I went to the doctor today. X-rays were taken and my feet were looked at, but no stress fracture like the doctor initially thought (which is good, but now I’m out $25 for the co-pay haha). On the bright side though, this should fully heal in 1-2 weeks and the doctor said I can still use an elliptical since my feet will be stationery.

Also, I “officially” begin my new job tomorrow. The kids don’t have school, but I have training at 8 am with lots of paperwork to fill out (all these “big girl” papers like 401K, insurance, payroll, etc.), class from 11-12:30, then back to work again for more training til 4. Thankfully, I get paid with my new salary for it, so I’m really excited! Wish me luck!

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