You may or may not have heard me mention my love for my accordion folder when it comes to budgeting for our wedding. It’s probably the thing that has helped us plan for this wedding the most because we’re able to see what money we have where. For some reason, putting our money in a bank account just isn’t good for the wedding (for us) because we can’t visualize what money goes where. This way, we can!

I was able to take out some saved money from my bank account (4 thousand smackeroos) and distribute it through our funds. We now have paid off our reception money for our estimated 200 guests. I’ll probably put $1000 more or so just in case because I’d like to add for our guests to have apple cider and hot cocoa instead of alcohol (We’re not against alcohol, but Mathew’s whole family is VERY conservative). We also were able to pay off several vendors.

Fully paid so far:
1. flowers
2. reception (unless I add hot choc/apple cider w/wait service)
3. cake
4. DJ
5. ceremony trio
6. church

We still need money for:
1. little things (unity cross, garter…etc)
2. random small DIY projects
3. photography (which I may monthly)
4. decorations
5. postage (we have about $275 so far)
6. candy buffet
7. dance floor
8. honeymoon

You guys…I’m so excited! I get paid again on the last day of the month, so that just means more money saved! Things are going SO well considering our wedding is in December. Having a long engagement (it’ll be 17 months total) has definitely helped prepare us for a nice wedding and good life together.

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