So, I have an online buddy in Ken Paves. Yes, the Ken Paves who does Victoria Beckham, Eva Longoria, (used to do) Jessica Simpson, J.Lo, and many other amazing celebrity hair, and is the creator of HairDo. I found out who he was back in the Jessica Simpson/Nick Lachey Newlywed days, and always admired his work with Jess.

Our online friendship (I’m even scared to call it that because I don’t want to be presumptuous, BUT he really is SO sweet to me) began with messaging back and forth on Facebook one day about 2 years ago or so (in which he invited me to his salon to do my hair for FREE…except I was poor and couldn’t afford airfare to LA), and then a Twitter friendship. We message on occasion via Twitter, and I’ve been lucky enough to win one of his contests where I won a full line of his hair products, Self Help Care of Ken Paves (Which, by the way, I fully credit that stuff to my hair growing so long lately! My hair is so fragile that without Self Help, I’m sure my hair would still be a hot mess!)

In December, I’d written on Twitter that Kristin (my FSIL) may not be able to buy my hair piece for my wedding. Why I wrote “hair piece”, I don’t know, BUT Ken saw it and asked which one I meant. I told him I’d been hoping she would buy me a Tessa Kim headband sash for Christmas but she told me it was pretty expensive. He ended up telling me he’d send me one of HIS rhinestone headbands for free to wear!

Well, Christmas came and went, and I actually got my Tessa Kim headband/sash from Kristin! Despite this, Ken still was sweet and mailed me the headband (and I think it’s custom made because he told me to pick between 2 of his headbands and it is neither of those. I did show him the Tessa Kim pic, and it’s pretty close!) I got it the other week, and I mentioned it on Twitter, but never on the blog! I only have a cruddy cell phone pic of it right now, but here goes!

It is SO pretty and it sparkles like crazy! It’s also super comfy on my head and I love that it’s got patterned material on the other side! It looks pretty similar to the Tessa Kim, but without the ribbon sash at the end. I will most likely end up picking one to wear for the rehearsal dinner, and another on the wedding day 🙂 I’m so excited!

In addition (surprise!), Ken is in the middle of working on an interview with me for Weddzilla! I can’t wait until he finishes working on it!

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