I recently was asked by Misikko  to follow in so many other bloggers’ footsteps and review the Hana Pro 1″ flat iron which has been seen in Marie Claire and Redbook magazines. I was excited to have the opportunity since I’d heard so many great things about how they’re “the best hair straighteners,” and I’m excited to give you my standpoint on how well it did.

First off- I have hair like this:

Froin’ it out
Sexy, right?! Yeah- um, no. My hair is SUPER curly. This picture is actually my hair after air drying and being brushed out so I could start to flat iron it. This isn’t the first time I’ve posted a picture of my crazy hair and probably won’t be the last, so get used to it haha. 
Ok so where were we? Oh yes..
All the fun stuff! 
So I got this huge box with all this cool stuff from Misikko. Not only was my flat iron in there, but I got a nice case for it, a silicone mat for when my iron is hot, some E.L.F. products, and a few other fun randoms! Needless to say, they super spoiled me. Oh- and that picture was taken courtesy of my hubby. Yeah, I don’t think I’m going to let him take pictures for the blog again haha.
I tried out my flat iron and decided it was time to ditch the one I’d been using for 5 years. I love my flat iron, but it was starting to make my hair smell funny from all the chemicals it’s touched over the years. Also, for the record, my old flat iron took 45 minutes to do my hair. 
This is how my hair turned out after using my new flat iron from Hana:
nice and sleek
Huge difference, right?!
 So here’s what I love about my new flat iron- the plates heat up to 450 degrees. With my hair and this Texas heat- a hot flat iron is ESSENTIAL. It’s also made with ceramic and tourmaline plates that float and self-adjust to my hair. My old flat iron used to pull out a couple strands because they would get caught on the plates. This time? Not one. Single. Hair. It was great. I also loved that the flat iron has a swivel thing on the cord. My old flat iron didn’t have this and it’d always get caught on something in the bathroom. Not this time! By the end of all my straightening/reviewing, the Hana Pro flat iron only took 30 minutes!
Oh and the best part of it all? It actually rained on Saturday when I straightened my hair. Normally I’d freak out, but I really wanted to “test” the flat iron. My hair got drizzled on and still looked great the next day when I woke up for church. 
If you’re looking for one amazing flat iron, check them out here. It’s worth every penny! 
Thanks so much to Misikko and Hana for sending me such a great product to review! I hope to review another product soon! 
*I was given a product and/or compensation for this post, however all thoughts and opinions for this review are my own.

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