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With Christmas around the freaking corner, I’m panicking. My Christmas shopping isn’t done for my family or my students, we haven’t taken pictures for our Christmas cards, and we still haven’t put up our little 3 foot Christmas tree in our bedroom. I’m just counting and waiting for the days to pass by so I can stop stressing about Christmas. Right now though, I can honestly say that Christmas card pictures are the most heavy on my mind right now. Why have I procrastinated so long?! My family never did the whole Christmas card picture thing growing up, but I knew it was something I wanted to do every year with Mathew once we got married. Really though, the only reason I’ve procrastinated is because I nave no idea what to wear. Yesterday with my post about meeting Jessica and Ashlee Simpson, you may have noticed my leopard top that I was wearing. It’s honestly become one of my favorite winter favorites and I’m really considering wearing it for our Christmas pictures. There were some other fun accessories though that I wore when I met the girls that I may have saved just for you today though. They’re fun, they’re festive, and they’re Fossil!

The Erin purse from Fossil is so beautiful! Red, leather, and lots of pockets? What's NOT to love?! #FossilStyleMathew took me out to the park a couple weeks ago to scope out places for our Christmas pictures. Of course, I wanted the feel of the colors that would be in the picture, so I dressed up, grabbed my Erin satchel and Georgia Three-Hand Bangle Watch from Fossil , Jade necklace from Compliment, Michael Kors heels, and went out into the wind and cold. While Mathew was scoping out the scene (mainly so my Michael Kors heels wouldn’t get ruined), I may or may not have taken a selfie in the car to get warmed up for a little picture taking with my outfit. I mean, hello, the red SO pops against the green leaves.

I couldn’t have felt more festive (unless we were actually TAKING our Christmas pictures), with my sparkly Georgia watch  and my red Erin satchel out in the wilderness. Dare I say that I felt like Jessica Simpson on Newlyweds when she brought her Louis Vuitton camping?!

The Erin satchel from Fossil is so beautiful! Red, leather, and lots of pockets? What's NOT to love?! #FossilStyleMathew found us a spot to take a few test pictures for our Christmas cards, and I gathered my things and practically tip-toed in my heels to the spot. Let me tell you- walking in heels in rocks and dirt with your beloved new Erin satchel isn’t easy! I just about tripped 5 or 6 times! What I love about the Erin satchel from Fossil, though, is that it’s a beautiful bright Christmas red (and comes in 7 other colors!), has side zipper pockets, lots of pockets on the inside for my phone, blog business cards, and receipts, has a detachable strap, and can hold a LOT. I have an Erin Condren planner that I tote around everywhere and it fits perfectly in there with 2 makeup bags, pens, a big wallet, and there’s STILL room. Out of all the Fossil women’s handbags, this is definitely my favorite. It also holds its shape really well because it’s made with quality leather. I love leather purses (I got a Michael Kors purse for Valentines and have used it every day since), because they last so much longer! I wonder if I put Pearl inside my purse if she’d stay for the pictures. I mean, I just really need an excuse to have it in the pictures haha.
I love the Georgia Three-Hand Bangle watch from Fossil! Definitely want it on my Christmas list this year! #FossilStyle

For the Christmas pictures, I’m not sure why but I felt like throwing in mixed metals. The studs on my sweater are silver, the Erin satchel has gold hardware, my Compliment Jade necklace and earrings have gold, and my wedding ring is rose gold. I really wanted more rose gold to go with my outfit, so I decided to wear my Georgia Three-Hand Bangle Watch. You guys- it’s so perfect. I got a Michael Kors (wow I feel like I keep saying that!) rose gold watch last year for my birthday, but unfortunately the rose gold plating has worn off a bit, and my watch isn’t so shiny anymore. I didn’t want to wear a dull watch, so I thought the Georgia would be PERFECT…and it was. The face has SO many rhinestones all over it, and the links are designed to look like a bangle bracelet. I’m already excited to pair it with a black dress for Christmas that will just make my whole outfit POP because of the rhinestones and sparkles. Fossil has so many other pretty women’s boyfriend watches though, picking the Georgia wasn’t easy. I want to get the Decker Chronograph Stainless Steel watch too really soon!
I love the Erin satchel and Georgia Three-Hand Bangle watch from Fossil! Definitely want them on my Christmas list this year! #FossilStyleAll in all I think our trip to the park proved to be pretty good. Mathew and I got some fun shots of my cute accessories, and we found the perfect festive spot for our Christmas pictures. Now, hopefully, we’ll get them done and taken care of this weekend so we can mail them out and get them to our friends and family on time!

What do you think of my new fun, festive Fossil accessories? Aren’t they perfect for the holidays?


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